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First Race of the Year

When I posted about my race plans for this year my plan was that my first race was to be the Around the Bay 30 km race in late March. Here we are two weeks into the year and I have added an earlier race to my calendar.

On Sunday I am running an indoor half-marathon. I found out about this one this past weekend and registered myself for the half-marathon shortly thereafter.

The race will take place at the dome where I go for my weekly speed intervals during the winter so I am familiar with the venue. That said this will be a very new experience for me. I generally end up doing 8-10 km when I go for speed intervals and that is with a break between intervals. This half-marathon will involve 52 3/4 laps of the track.

In addition to being unfamiliar with this distance on an indoor track the conditions could also make a difference. being indoor will make it seem more like a spring or summer run as opposed to the cool conditions I have been running in outside lately.

My plan for the race is to go out my marathon pace, about 4:30/km, and aim for a finish time of between 1:30-1:35 although as mentioned the heat could have an impact on that. In addition, having to change directions every 30 minutes may also have an impact on my pace.

In the end I am just hoping to have a good time and enjoy the fact I get to run an unexpected half-marathon this winter.

Have you ever run an indoor race?



Plans for 2012

I have not officially registered for it yet but my plan is to run the Ottawa Marathon again in May. I will likely register for it before the end of January when I will have to start my 16 week training program for it.

In preparation for the Ottawa Marathon, I have already started looking at some shorter races earlier in the year to help get me ready. You may recall that last year I ran a couple of 10 km races and a half-marathon in the lead-up to the Ottawa Marathon.

This year I am looking at a similar schedule to help get me ready for the marathon. In fact, tonight I took advantage of an early-bird price and registered for one of those 10 km races I did last year – the Ottawa Physio Race.

If I follow the same schedule of races as last year that would give me one race in March and two in april before the marathon in May. There is not scheduled around here in January and February but if I can find one that fits into my schedule I may add an earlier to my schedule as well.

Have you registered for any 2012 races yet?