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Marathon Profile: Wine Glass Marathon

A lot of you probably already know that the BAA announced changes to the qualification process for the Boston Marathon today. I was tempted to just write about that tonight but I am excited to be trying something new on here so I will save my thoughts on Boston for tomorrow’s post.

As mentioned last night, I am introducing a new weekly feature on here. Every Wednesday I will be profiling a marathon that i find interesting for some reason. The reason for this is feature is that when I come across a marathon that sounds interesting to me I will often email my wife at work telling her why we should travel to the location of the marathon. Now instead of harassing my wife about marathons I find interesting I will write about them here.

Some of these marathons will be ones that are close to home and that I will consider if I decide to do a fall marathon this year so if you have any insights to the marathons I profile on here please don’t hesitate to post a comment in response. In addition, if you have any suggestions for marathons I should profile in the future feel free to let me know.

Since an email regarding the Wine Glass Marathon earlier this week is what prompted this idea, it is the first marathon I will profile here.

A couple things about this race caught my attention. It is a point to point course that travels through small towns  – from Bath to Corning NY, registration is cheap compared to other marathons with an early bird price of $65, it is a fast course – voted speediest by Runner’s World readers -  and in addition to a medal all entrants receive a split – a small bottle -  of champagne along with a wine glass.

If these details are not entice you to register head on over to marathonguide.com and read some of the reviews.

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An additional bonus for me is that Corning NY is 5.5 hours hours from here making it a feasible option for a fall marathon if I decide to do one again this year. For those of you not from Ottawa, Corning is :

  • just under 5 hours from Toronto
  • 6.5 hours from Montreal
  • 4.5 hours from New York City
  • just over 6 hours from Boston