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Marathon Preview: Marathon du Médoc

Wednesday means it is time for another marathon profile. Tonight’s profile is the Marathon du Médoc. If you are not familiar with this one it takes place in the Médoc region in Southwestern France. 

If you are looking for a quick marathon course this one is probably not it as it is billed as the ”slowest marathon in the world”.


However, if you are looking to have fun this just might be the right marathon for you. The marathon is essentially a wine tasting tour through 53 famous châteaux. Wine is served at water stations and at mile 23 you can even sample oysters!

The marathon is also known for costumed runners. Each year there is a different theme for costumes. This year it is animals.

Bart Yasso suggests this is ”the most fun you can have running a marathon”.

The race is limited to 8,500 runners, last year nearly 15,000 people tried to register.

If you are interested in more info you can read some reviews here.

Are you planning on running this marathon? If you already have done it let me know what you thought of it.