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Book Giveaway Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of my book giveaway. Using random.org I chose the winner tonight. This year’s book was Why I run by Mark Sutcliffe. For those who have not read it you can read my review here. I chose the book because I enjoyed reading it and because it is a local book that not many runners outside of Ottawa will have had a chance to read.

The winner is David. Congrats. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did! Send me your contact details and I will get that off to you.

David is one of the hosts of #runchat on Twitter be sure to check that out every second and fourth Sunday of the month. He also blogs over at Running Because I Can…

For those who have not read the book I recommend it, as you can tell from my review of it.

Book Giveaway

This will be my fourth straight year running the Ottawa Marathon. For the past three years I have also raised money for the Ottawa Hospital as part of Ottawa Race Weekend. In conjunction with my efforts to raise money for the Ottawa Hospital I have decided to hold another book giveaway on here.

This year I decided to give away a local book that most of you located outside of Ottawa will not have heard of. The book I am giving away this year is Why I Run by Mark Sutcliffe. I quite enjoyed reading it. You can read my review of it here.

To enter the giveaway you can any of the following and leave a comment for each below to indicate you have done so (1 entry per comment).

  • Follow me on Twitter, @patruns
  • Like The Courage of Lungs on Facebook
  • Tweet about the giveaway

As an added bonus, I will provide two entries to anyone who helps me help the Ottawa Hospital by making a donation. Click here for more details. This year the money I raise will be directed to neurology at the Ottawa Hospital, an issue that has become more important to me over the past couple of months.

The winner will be chosen next Tuesday, March 13.

Good Luck!

Saturday Stories

It is Saturday again and that means it’s time for Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything this week you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Here’s a giveaway for a new GU product.

Looking for something to get your favourite runner for Christmas? The Why I Run book is a good idea.  If you want more info I reviewed the book here.

Looking for a way to improve your running in 2012? Here’s an idea, review your logs from 2011 for any patterns. 

Ever wish you could run in the Olympic trials? The Citizen Marathon Runner will even though he works a full-time job and is not sponsored.

Everyone has heard of a beer mile but how about an egg nog mile?

My wife has turned our backyard into a productive vegetable garden. Since we grow squash in the garden this post was helpful for me – Runner’s Plate: Cooking with Squash. 

Finally, how’s this for a good news story – Marathon Runner Helps Catch Bagel Shop Robbers. 

Book Review: Why I Run

I picked up a copy of Why I Run while at the expo for Ottawa Race Weekend where I also had a chance to meet the author and briefly discuss my plan for the upcoming marathon.

If you are not from Ottawa then you might not be familiar with Mark Sutcliffe. He is a radio broadcaster and writes a column on running for one of our local newspapers. He is also the founder of iRun Magazine.

I just finished reading the book tonight and I must say that I quite enjoyed it. First of all, I enjoyed the fact that the book is set up as a series of essays on a variety of issues, making for a quick read. It covers the authors experiences with running, going through some of the highs and lows.

It also covers a number of inspirational stories. There are those that many of us have heard before such as Terry Fox, Dick Hoyt and Edison Pena. The author also takes time to highlight remarkable stories of ordinary runners such as the story of a Toronto dentist who has run every day for more than 30 years and the stories of Canadian soldiers who continue to run after losing limbs while on duty in Afghanistan.

Personally I also enjoyed the introduction where the author describes how he got into running late in life, never thought he would be able to complete a marathon before he ran his first one, likes to plan his next run a day in advance and feels anxiety when he has to miss a run. The reason this resonated with me is because this description would also be an accurate description of myself.

If you are looking for a quick read that is at times humourous, inspirational and informative Why I Run is a good choice. 

In case you need another reason to buy the book, part of the proceeds are being donated to two running related charities.  Run for Research and Team in Training.