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Nutrition for Runners – Soul-Southing African Peanut Stew

Tonight’s recipe is our latest effort to make a meal from the Oh She Glows cookbook. This one is a great option whether you are specifically looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal or whether you are simply looking for a healthy meal.

It is a really hearty and filling meal and was a perfect option on a cold winter night. In our case my wife picked it because she had the book out and we happened to have the ingredients on hand. 

We did not add the optional cayenne pepper because our kids are not fans of spicy food. I would recommend adding it if you do like spicy food. The other change to the recipe we made is that we used leftover quinoa instead of rice. That change worked just fine.

The best about this for me is that the recipe made plenty and there were enough leftovers to cover my lunches for a couple days. 

Nutrition for Runners: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchilladas

Tonight’s recipe is a vegetarian recipe we found in the Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon. This one is not as easy to make as some of the other recipes I have posted here but it is well worth the effort. The best part, in my opinion, is the avacado-cilantro sauce to put on the finished product.

I made the full recipe as per the recipe, including the enchillada sauce. None of it was complicated but it took me time to make because there were a lot of steps to go through. 

Overall the meal was very popular in my house. It is one we will definitely be making again.