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Rain Delay

Tonight’s plan called for an evening of speed work. The plan was to do mile repeats at the high school track close to my house. Unfortunately, an afternoon and evening of rain left the conditions at the track less than ideal.

As a result, tonight’s run ended up being postponed so I stayed home and watched a couple of Game 7 NHL playoff games on tv. To make up for the lack of a run tonight, tomorrow will be a double-header day.

My plan is to start off the day with an easy run first thing in the morning and I’ll go for a second run in the evening. Since I am doing two runs tomorrow I’ll look to get in about 20 km overall with one run likely at an easy pace and the other being at my intended marathon pace.

How do you make up for missed runs?

Getting Back on Track

If you read last night’s post you know that today was going to be my first run in a couple of days since I was out of town for the weekend.

Fortunately I only had a short break from running and it was not too hard to get back on track today. If anything I probably benefitted from the extra day of rest after a tempo run on Thursday and a 32 km run Friday morning.

Since I moved my long run up to Sunday and did not do a run yesterday I decided to get back into my training with two runs today. The first was an easy 8 km run before work. I got off to a bit of a slow start to this run but started to feel better about 1 km into the run and finished with 8.3 km in 43 minutes.

My second run after work ended up being another easy run since I am planning to do Yasso 800’s tomorrow. Unlike my morning run this one felt good from the start, despite the rain, and I ended up with 5.5 km in 27 minutes.

The end result, 13.8 km in 1:10 of running today after a two day layoff.

Do you find it difficult to get back on track after a longer than usual layoff between runs?

Week 2 of Training for Philadelphia

After tomorrow’s run I will have completed my second of 16 weeks of training for the Philadelphia Marathon.

My training plan called for 57 km, 36 miles, this week. So far despite the fact that I took an extra day off yesterday because I was too busy I have managed to complete 43 km. With a run of at least 10 km to go tomorrow I will come close to hitting the mileage called for in my plan.

While last week when exactly to plan this week has not as I ended up not running Tuesday due to rain and the fact that I was exhausted and yesterday I ended up being too busy to get out.

I did, however, manage to get in two runs Wednesday to make up for the missed run on Tuesday and tonight I ended up doing a tempo run on my way home from work. As a result, it has still been a fairly productive week in terms of training for Philadelphia.

When I start week 3 on Sunday I will have 1077, or 669 miles, of training remaining before I run Philadelphia. I can only hope the remaining 14 weeks of training will go as well as the first two have gone.

How did your training go this week? Did you hit your goals?