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Taking Stock

As the year winds down I am taking this time to review my current year of running and assess what I want to do next year in order to push me further toward my overall goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Since my goal remains the same that means that yes I am planning to run another marathon in 2013. I have not yet registered but my next attempt will likely come here in Ottawa in May. Now I have to assess what I accomplished this year and what remains to be done to get me to my goal.

As part of my assessment I am looking at the training plan I have used and whether that is something I need to change. I am also using this time to review what worked this year and what additions I can make to my training in order to help me achieve my goal?

My plan is to have a new plan for 2013, including goal races and training plan, ready by the end of this month so I can start 2013 focused on achieving my goal.

Are you using this time to review 2012 and assess your plans for 2013?