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Mileage When Not Training For a Race

The past three weeks since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon has has provided me with a good insight into my ability to maintain a regular running routine even when I am not training for a race.

It has not taken me long to get back to the point where I am running 45-60 km, or 27-37 miles, per week. My usual routine of running 5-6 days per week has made it easy to get back to this level of weekly mileage. If I continue to maintain my routine of 5-6 runs this weekly pace will leave me with a good base by the time I start marathon training again later next month.

The other thing that has become apparent over this time is that my average run appears to be about 8-10 km, or 5-6 miles. I am not sure whether this is because I consider anything shorter to be not enough of a workout or whether it is the easiest amount of mileage to fit in a day but looking at my training log runs of this distance are my most common workouts.

It seems like I have developed a pattern with my training while I run without a specific race goal ahead of me. Since I have been easily maintaining this pattern of daily and weekly mileage it would seem likely that I will continue the pattern until I start a marathon training program that will gradually add more distance again.

I just have to make sure to continue to throw in some tempo runs and speed work every now and then and it should leave me in good shape when I start that marathon training program .

Do you find yourself developing any patterns when you are just running for yourself and not training for a race?