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Week 5 of Training for The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week five of training is nearly complete. This week was the first recovery week in the schedule sent to me by my coach. As in my last training cycle I am doing four week cycles with a recovery week to end each cycle.

One thing I changed up this week was that I managed to get in two of my runs at lunch. The weather was perfect for a run both days and when i can manage to fit it in a run at lunch is a great way to break up the day at work.

Although it was a recovery week I did end up doing to speed sessions this week. The first was my Tuesday run at lunch made necessary by the fact I had tickets to a concert Tuesday night. Here was the scene as I did my workout consisting of 10 x (50 m @ 100 % followed by 100 m easy) with a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down…

My second speed session of the week was last night’s run consisting of 2 x (1 km @ 4:40/km, 1 km @ 4:20/km, 1 km @ 4:00/km, 1 km @ 3:40/km). With an extended an extended cool down to stopped and get a bag of coffee beans for my wife on the way home it ended up being my longest run of the week so far although that will change with 15 km coming up Sunday.

As mentioned I will be ending the week woth a 15 km run Sunday morning. That run could end up being a bit of an adventure. My old old office building is being demolished and since my youngest daughter is waking up early these days I plan to put her in the Chariot and head over to watch.

How was your week?

Week 4 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week four of training has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I started off the week training as per usual including running a race, had to take a couple of days off due to dental work and now and back to regular training to end the week.

The week started off with a 20 km long run at an easy pace. As is often the case for weekend runs I took one of my daughters with me in the Chariot. This run was probably the first one this year where I can say I felt the heat. This run felt tougher than it otherwise would have been.

Tuesday morning I ran a 10 km race for Canada Day, chronicled in my last post. As mentioned in that post, I came just short of my goal of setting a new pb in the 10 km.

What I did not mention in the post, because I did not know at the time, is that I actually won the race. The reason I did not mention the win is because there was initially some confusion and someone else had been credited with the win. The result was changed today and I am quite pleased with that, mainly because I get a free pair of shoes for the win!

Wednesday and Thursday were off days for me because I had a wisdom tooth removed Wednesday morning. Although the procedure went well my dentist recommended not running for a couple days.

Fortunately for me I did not have a long layoff due to the extraction of my wisdom tooth. Today I was able to get back to training for STWM. It was a perfect evening to get back to running after a couple of days off…

Tomorrow I will end the week with a 15 km run at 4:20/km, just quicker than my goal marathon pace. Overall it has been another solid week of training.

How did your week go?

Week 2 of Training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon

This week marks my second official week of training for STWM. It also marks my first full week of training under my new training program from my coach.

In terms of my new training program, my training will once again be broken into four blocks of training. In addition to running I have two set of exercise routines to follow, one for strength and endurance and the other for stability and mobility. I will be doing each routine twice per week.

In terms of running my schedule to did start off exactly as planned when I altered my planned long run Sunday morning. On the schedule was an easy 15 km turned in to a 14 km tempo run because I left the house later than planned and did not have as much time for my run.

The best runs of the week were the two faster runs I did. First up was speed intervals on Tuesday with this week’s workout being 10 x (100 m @ 100% followed by an easy 100 m) and 2 km @ 4:05/km.

The second of those runs was a tempo run last night involving 2 x ( 1 km  @ 4:40/km, 1 km @ 4:20/km, 1 km 4:00/km, 1 km @ 3:40/km). The weather last night certainly helped make it a good run. It is always a good way to end the day with a run home from work when the weather is like this…

That’s been my week so far. I plan to finish it off with a quick 15 km @ 4:20/km tomorrow. There is still a long way to go until race day in October but so far my training is off to a good start.

How did your week go?

What Next?

This post is a common theme for me following a marathon, what to do next. As has often been the case, I don’t have any immediate goals for the upcoming months. I don’t have any races planned for the rest of the year.

I will likely be able to get back to easy running later in the week after I have sufficiently recovered from Sunday’s marathon. With no races planned I can ease my way back into increasing my mileage and the intensity of my runs.

One thing I do know I will be doing is weekly speed intervals at the indoor track over the winter once again this year. I think that was a big boost to my training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon and will provide me with another good base to likely be ready for one of the races here in May of next year.

With that I guess it looks like I do have a couple of upcoming goals for running already, getting back to running regularly and committing to weekly speed intervals over the winter once again this year.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Race Recap: Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Today’s marathon was number seven for me. I signed up for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon after running a 3:17 in Ottawa, hoping to at least get myself closer to my BQ of 3:10.

My training went well over the summer and into September. That was until I sprained my ankle playing soccer just over four weeks ago. The injury forced me to miss a pacing gig in the Army Run half-marathon.  My ability to run yesterday’s marathon was not guaranteed at that point either. Fortunately, with the help of physio, I was able to slowly start running again a couple of weeks ago.

I decided to line-up with the 3:15 pacer at the start in order to see if I could come close to or beat my time from Ottawa in May. The conditions to start the race were not ideal with steady rain falling as everyone made their way into the start corrals.

The rain continued after the start but stopped around the time I hit the 7 km mark. I was feeling good through the half and still with the 3:15 group at that point. However, by the time I hit the 30 km mark my hamstrings and quads had had enough and I could feel a blister developing on one of my big toes.

At this point the only thing that mattered was getting myself to the finish line. I slowed my pace and took some walk breaks from there to the finish.

Ed Whitlock, a holder of several world records for masters runners, passed me with about 4-5 km to go. He ended up finishing just ahead of me. Apparently he was also recovering from an injury that cut into his training time. Seeing him on the course yesterday was inspiring. I hope I can still run when I am his age.

I crossed the finish line in 3:30, my slowest time in 4 or 5 marathons. However, I can’t say that I am disappointed with the result.

In the short span of four weeks I went from this…

To this…

While things did not go the way I planned when I originally signed up for the race I am happy that I was able to run a good time in a marathon just four weeks after spraining my ankle and, the most important thing about yesterday, my ankle felt fine after running a marathon.

Week 16 of Training For the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon is officially over. Today’s lunch hour run put an to my 16 weeks of training for what will be my seventh marathon on Sunday. In my last week of training I completed just under 43 km.

The week started off with a 20 km run Sunday morning. Normally at that point I would not have gone that far but given that I was just getting back to running after recovering from a sprained ankle it was important to see if I could complete that distance. Following that, my other runs this week an easy 8 km run Monday, an 8.7 km tempo run Wednesday and an easy 6 km run today.

Speaking of my sprained ankle, it is not quite at 100% but it is close to being there and certainly strong enough to run the marathon. I was uncertain when I got back to running how much it would impact me on race day but last Sunday’s 20 km run and Wednesday’s tempo run have certainly left me feeling more optimistic.

Another reason for optimism is that I had a good training cycle up until I sprained my ankle. I added weekly speed intervals and hill repeats to my training and I was once again able to complete four 32 km (20 mile) training runs before I hurt my ankle, the last one of those long runs being the same day I hurt my ankle.

There you have it. My 16 weeks of training are complete. Now all that remains is to go out and have a strong run on race day!

How did your training go this week?

The Week Before the Marathon

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is just six days away now. In terms of training, I will get in four runs that should give me approximately 40-45 km for the week, a pattern I have followed for my previous marathons.

The most important run of the week was likely yesterday’s long run. I ended up doing 20 km early yesterday morning, about 3-4 km more than I would normally do at that point of my training.

The long run was important because it was the first time I ran that distance since spraining my ankle four weeks ago. I was able to complete the run without any pain in my ankle, meaning I passed another key test as I continue to recover from my ankle injury.

Following yesterday’s run I managed to get in an easy 10 km effort today. The rest of the week calls for a tempo run Wednesday followed by an easy run on Thursday. Both of those runs will be 8-10 km efforts.

If I have time Saturday I will fit in a very easy 3 km run to loosen my legs. Other than that my focus this week will be making sure I stay hydrated, get enough rest and avoid injury.

How do you prepare during your last week of training before a marathon?

Week 15 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

As of today the Toronto Waterfront Marathon is just over one week away. This week was a good week of training. After taking some time off to heal from my sprained ankle this was my first full week of training since I got back to running.

More than anything it felt great to be able to get back into a regular running routine this week as I started running home from work once again. With one run one to go tomorrow my mileage for the week currently sits at 50 km. Another run tomorrow will give me 60 km for the week which is about what I would normally do in my second last week of training before a marathon.

Another reason for optimism this week was the fact that I was able to pick-up the pace and get in two marathon paced runs, a 10 km effort Wednesday and a 14 km effort this afternoon.  At this point I am not sure what to expect on race day but it certainly feels good to know that I will be able to run when that scenario was still in doubt a couple of weeks go.

Since I have not covered the distance in three weeks my plan is to kick off week 16 with a 20 km run Sunday morning which will give me another good test of my ankle and hopefully provide me with another mental boost ahead of the marathon.

How did your training go this week?

My Plan for My Final 2 Weeks of Training

Today marks three weeks since I sprained my ankle playing soccer. The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is now less than two weeks away. Fortunately I have been able to get back to running last Thursday which means I should still be able to run in Toronto.

I started off with a 10 minute run on Thursday and have been adding about 10 minutes each day since. In terms of mileage, today’s 9 km effort was the longest which is about what I would normally aim for on a Monday run.

With less than two weeks of training left my plan is to continue to progress each day by adding and extra 5-10 minutes, time permitting. Another positive sign is that I have been able to increase my pace the last two times out with sub 5:00/km efforts.

If all works out according to plan I am hoping to be able to get in a 20 km run this upcoming weekend. Since I have not run more than 9 km since my injury if anything a 20 km run should provide a much needed mental boost ahead of the marathon.

In terms of goals for the marathon, at this point I am not worried about my time goal. I am just concerned with getting to the finish line. I’ll concern myself with another pb and hopefully a BQ hopefully the next time out.

Week 14 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

This week I took my first steps toward getting back on track for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon which is just over two weeks away from now. After having to be content with just being able to ride a bike last week this week I was able to get back to running.

Following a five minute run on a treadmill at my physio appointment Wednesday morning I received the green light to go for an easy run outside. My first run since the injury was a 10 minute effort yesterday. Today I was able to follow that up with a 20 minute effort. The key to both runs is that my stride felt fine and I did not feel any pain afterward.

The plan for tomorrow is to go for a 30 minute run. If that goes well I will go for a 35-40 minute run Sunday. For now I will just focus on time. I figure I can start worrying about increasing the pace next week. I’m just pleased to be able to get back to running  and be able to get myself back on track to run the marathon.

How did your training go this week?