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Top 10 Things I Love About Running

Saturday I linked to a couple of top 10 lists of things people love about running. Today the guys from #runchat announced a Valentine’s Day contest encouraging others to post their top 10.

As a result, here is my Top 10 Things I love about Running…

  1. Going for a long run on the weekend and seeing some of the bar crowd still stumbling home.
  2. The sense of exhilaration from looking at my watch at the end of a long run and seeing how far I ran.
  3. Traveling for a marathon is a great way to see a new city – this year I ran up the Rocky Steps and ran past a WWII Battleship in Philly.
  4. Meeting people from all over on race day.
  5. Getting to eat a big breakfast after a long run.
  6. Planning new adventures for my daughter as I push her in her Chariot. This year we saw the cows at the Central Experimental Farm  and the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill.
  7. There isn’t a better way to clear my mind and relieve stress after a long day at work.
  8. Helping others meet their goals when I pace races (it is also the only chance a grown man gets to wear bunny ears in public!).
  9. I have more shoes than my wife and they are all running shoes!
  10. The sense of satisfaction that comes from setting a personal best in a race.

What is your top 10?