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Marathon Profile: Three Country Marathon

Taking a break from the Acrtic theme I have gone with the last two weeks tonight I found a Western European marathon to profile.

I might have noticed this one for nostalgic reasons as it takes place close to the region in Germany where I spent part of my childhood but it is certainly a unique and scenic race as it allows you to run in three different countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I know of a couple of marathons that cross the Canadian and American border, Detroit and Niagara Falls, but I am not sure of any others that involve three countries.

The race takes place along Lake Constance, one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. It starts in Germany, makes its way to Austria followed by Switzerland then back to Austria for the finish.

 The official website for this race is in German and not of much use if you cannot read German but just going to the site and checking out some of the pictures on the main page might be enough to sell you on this one. You can also check out this website for an American based tour company that offers a package for this race.

Interested in more info? You can read some race reviews here.

What do you think, is this a marathon you would be interested in doing?