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The Plan for Saturday’s Race

As previously mentioned on here, Saturday will be my first race of the year. I’ll be running the St Patrick’s Day 10 km race. The race will be my first in a series of shorter races leading up to the Ottawa Marathon in May.

My goal in the marathon is to run a 3:10 which is my current Boston qualifying time. In order to assess whether that is attainable I will be aiming for a 1:30 half-marathon time in the Minto Run for Reach half-marathon next month. If I can’t hit 1:30 next month I’ll re-assess my goal and likely aim for a time around 3:15 in the Ottawa Marathon.

As a result, my goal for Saturday is to run my half-marathon pace. For a 10 km race that works out to a pace of 4:15/km for a time of 42:40. Saturday should prove to be a good test of whether I am ready to run a 1:30 half next month which will in turn will test whether I should aim for a 3:10 or 3:15 marathon in May.