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Starting the Taper

The heavy mileage part of my training for the Ottawa Marathon has come to an end. I am now in the midst of a three week taper ahead of race day. The hope is that this plan will leave my legs feeling sufficiently rested on race day.

Following three consecutive weeks of 100 km I am looking to drop my mileage back to approximately 70-75 km this week. The biggest that change will bring is that I will be cutting out the multiple run days which were key to helping me achieve the higher mileage.

I also plan to cut back some of my 10 km runs to 8-9 km. This seems like a minor change but it will help me shave another another 5-10 km off of my mileage this week since I generally run 5-6 times every week.

The biggest adjustment for me this week and over the two subsequent weeks will be my diet. When I was running 80-100 km per week I was constantly eating, according to my wife it was like living with a teenager.

Now that I am progressively cutting back on my mileage I will have to pay closer attention to what I am eating. Also, in the week leading up to race day I will have to make sure I am taking in enough carbs.

Do you enjoy the taper period before a marathon? Do you find it to be a difficult adjustment?