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Gear Review: Swiftwick Aspire Compression Socks


Recently I was given the opportunity to test a pair of Swiftwick compression socks. You can check out their product line here. At $35 per pair the Aspire Twelve is a cheaper option than some of the other brands on the market.

You’ll notice on the website that Swiftwick offers socks in several different lengths. Personally, for my longer or tougher runs I prefer running socks that cover the calf. As a result, I ended up testing the Aspire Twelve.

In terms of colour, Swiftwick offers 8 different options for the Aspire line. I went with Fusion Blue because they matched the shoes I currently have in my rotation.

Since I have had the socks for a few weeks now I have had the opportunity to wear them for a handful of runs. I have worn them for longer runs and also for speed intervals.

The Aspire socks feel light when you have them on your feet. Unlike other socks I have tried these ones did not feel tight in the toe once I had my shoes on. In terms of length, the Aspire Twelve sit about 1-2 inches below my knees, a little lower than other full length compression socks I have tried.

One thing I will mention about these socks is that they feel a little tighter in the lower ankle than other socks I have also tried, possibly because they offer more compression in that area. Don’t be surprised if you find it tough to get these socks over your heals the first time you try to take them off.

All in all I had a positive experience with these socks. I did not have to worry about blisters or sore muscles after my long runs in them. I would recommend these socks if you are in the market for a pair of compression socks.