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Stretching and Mobility

Since I posted about my strength training routine the other night I thought I would write a post about the other non-running routine that is a regular part of my training. As with my strength training routine I also have a stretching and mobility routine that I follow twice per week. 

Part of my routine involves yoga stretches that do not require any extra gear. The rest of the routine involves gear that I have accumulated over the past few years…

There you can see my foam roller, roller massager stick, ProStretch and foot massage ball. The foam roller is great for massaging and stretching most leg muscles. I make use of all of these tools throughout the week when I am in a training cycle. 

The  roller massager stick is great for hitting my calf muscles and is more portable than the foam roller. The ProStretch is great for stretching my calf and hamstring muscles and also stretches the muscles in my feet. Finally, the foot massage ball is something I received in a Stridebox last year has seen so much use it is no longer round and has warped itself into more of an oval shape. 

I find this routine to be as important to my training as my strength training routine. I think it has helped my recover and prevent injury.

Do you include stretching as a regular element of your trading routine?

No Run Tonight

Once again today I was planning to run home from work. The day started off much like yesterday with grey skies and rain.

Also much like yesterday there were reasons to be optimisitc about the weather later in the day and the sun started to come out around noon.

Unfortunately, unlike yesterday the optimism did not last long before the clouds came back. Eventually we were hit with a severe thunderstorm. The heavy rain that lasted for a few hours meant I would not get in my planned run tonight.

Tonight I will go through my stretching routine and I will probably a few extra km to my run in the morning.

How do you compensate when you have to postpone or cancel a planned run?