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Marathon Profile: Scranton Steamtown Marathon

Since it is Wednesday it means it is time for another marathon profile. Tonight’s marathon is the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I came across this marathon when I was looking for marathons with quick courses that were not too far from home. Steamtown is often mentioned as one of the fastest marathon courses in the United States. According to this article it had the third fastest average finishing time in 2009 with an average of 3:55.

The course is a point to point course, starting in Forest City and ending in Scranton. It features a net elevation drop of 955′ with significant portions in the first eight miles. To top it off, there are three uphills in the final three miles of the race.

My wife suggested I wear a Dunder Mifflin shirt if I ever do this one, those of you who are fans of The Office will understand. Somehow I think this has probably already been done and I don’t imagine the residents of Scranton find it very funny.

Sticking with The Office, in case you have not seen it here is a quick clip from the Rabies Fun Run episode.

Back to the marathon, if you are interested in more information head here to read some reviews of the event.

Not sure where Scranton is? Head here to take a look at a map. Sorry, I tired to embed the map below but could not get it to work.