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Week 8 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

As mentioned in Friday’s post I ran my second race of the year this week. Other than that this week was more of a recovery week. I ended up with a 53 km week. Other than the race my week consisted of a series of easy paced runs.

In terms of the race, as mentioned Friday, my goal was to finish the 10km in 40-41 minutes. The reason for that is that it would give me a time close to the 10 km race I did in January (41:06) and my time in the St Patrick’s Day race last year (40:56).

Yesterday turned out to be one of the colder days for the St Patrick’s Day race since I started doing the race in 2011. I really appreciated the fact that the start/finish line for this race is only a few blocks away from my house and I could leave at the last minute.

When I did leave the house I took my time getting there to give myself a very easy 2 km warm up. Following that my Garmin died and I ran without a watch. I felt good when the race started and felt like I was pushing hard. I ended up finishing in 41:31. The fact that I did not have my Garmin means that I am not sure where I lost time during the race. That said, the time still falls within the range of what I was aiming for so I can’t be too disappointed with it.

this morning I ended the week with a 16 km run, my shortest long run in several weeks. With more long runs over 30 km and 80-100 km weeks on the way this week was probably a good time for a recovery week.

How was your week?


First Races of the Year

I’ve discussed my approach to the Ottawa Marathon with my coach and this year I am taking a similar approach to the one I used the past couple of years in order to get ready for the marathon. That is, including a couple of shorter distance races before the marathon. This year the plan will involve running the St Patrick’s Day 10 km race and the Run for Reach half-marathon. Both of these races are ones that have been included in my preparation for the Ottawa Marathon for the past three years.

After discussing with my coach, my plan for both of these races will likely be to run them as hard as I can because there is plenty of time for recovery after each of them. I’ve never gone looking for a personal best on St Patrick’s day because it is generally the first race of the season I do and there is still snow on the ground at that time of year.

On the other hand, Run for Reach is one where I have had some success with my two fastest half-marathon times the last two years. Being a month later it generally offers better weather on race day, although it was cool last year and there were a few flakes of snow falling as we ran. Although it does not offer the most ecpxciting course, it is a flat one which offers a good opportunity to push the pace. This year I will be aiming to beat the 1:29 I ran two years ago.

Of course the best part of adding both of these races to my calendar is the fact that the start and finish lines are a short run from my house so I get a little warm up on the way there and I get home quickly following the finish.

What races do you have lined up for the first half of 2014?