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Week 8 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

This week was another solid week of training. It was my third straight week of more than 80 km. it was also the week of my first race of the year meaning that most of my runs were done at a relatively easy pace in order to be ready for the race yesterday morning. Overall I am very pleased with how things went this week. I feel like I am getting right back to where I was before I got sick late last year.

I mentioned that most of this week’s runs were done at a relatively easy pace. In fact, other than Tuesday and Thursday all of my runs this week were done at what I would consider an. Easy pace. Tuesday and Thursday O ended up throwing some strides into my runs home to get in some running at a harder pace but the main goal for the week was staying fresh for yesterday’s race.

Yesterday’s race was the St Patrick’s Day 10 km race, a race that I have done for four consecutive years now. This year i decided to change my approach and run without a watch. The goal was to run based on how I felt. That approach seems to have worked for me. I managed to finish the race a little faster than I expected with a time of 40:56, good enough for 18th overall. I am quite pleased with that start to the my racing season for the year.

Today’s long run may have been the toughest run of the week. This was the scene as I headed out this morning…

With snow falling overnight and the temperature starting to warm up it the sidewalks were wet and slippery, making it more difficult to maintain a steady pace. Building on last Sunday’s 28 km run my plan was for 25-30 km today. Despite the conditions and wet feet an hour into my run I ended up with a. 27 km run.

Now my next scheduled race in almost exactly one month when I will do a half-marathon. Until then my plan is to continue to build up my weekly mileage and push the pace on my more intense runs. 

How did your week go?