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Almost Spring

The past few days we have been experiencing spring-like conditions. While winter is not quite over yet, in fact we are expecting a snow storm here tomorrow, it has been an indication that winter is coming to an end and better weather for running will be here soon enough.

The change in weather had some positive effects on my runs lately. I had to wear sunglasses for a run home from work for the first time in a few months since it is now still light out when I leave the office at 5:00 as opposed to the shorter winter days when it is already dark by the time I leave.

The other change is of course the fact that I don’t need to pack as many layers for my run home and my backpack is lighter during my run home because I have not needed to stuff my winter jacket in it for the run home.

While the change in weather has been a welcome change, there is one downside to warmer weather at this time of year. Dodging these as I make my way home from the office…

IMG-20130222-00061 (1)