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Yesterday’s Run

Since I had the day off yesterday my plan was to head for a mid-morning run. I was planning to head for a a minimum of 10 km since I had not run since Sunday due to a trip out of town.

My plan seemingly got off to a good start as the rain they were calling for yesterday had not yet started by the time I left the house. Unfortunately, about 1 km into my run the thunder started and I was soon caught in the middle of a torrential downpour that left me sprinting for cover under a highway overpass.

Fortunately my wife was already awake and came to pick me up so I did not have to run the rest of the way home.

Fast forward to last night, I decided to head out just after 9:30 and finish the run I started about 12 hours earlier. For some reason when I left the house I decided I would head toward the venue for the Ottawa Bluesfest, an outdoor music festival taking place here over the next two weeks.

It’s really more of a general music festival than an actual blues festival, I saw Soundgarden and the Flaming Lips there earlier in the week and am headed to see Jane’s Addiction next weekend.

Now that I’ve probably given away my age with my taste in music I’ll get back to my run. As I mentioned, I decided to run toward the venue which is about 5 km from my house. I got there and ended up along the street right behind the main stage as Ben Harper was playing. The sound quality was still great from that vantage point so I sat and listened to a few songs before turning around and running another 5 km home.

Do your runs ever turn into unexpected adventures?