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Mile Repeats at the Dome

Tonight was my third time out for running at the indoor track at the dome. Tonight’s workout was 5 x 1600 m (1 mile).

The plan was to get in our mile repeats in around 6:40. One thing that I have noticed about the track so far is that I can tell when I am picking up the pace and I have a hard time slowing down even if I start going faster than my intended pace.

We ended up doing our mile repeats at about our intended pace with most being right around 6:40 per mile and a couple of them slipping below 6:35 per mile.

I think that was about the right pace for me tonight. It felt like we were pushing ourselves each time out but were not over-exerting ourselves as we were able to maintain a consistent pace over each of the mile repeats.

One other benefit to running at the dome is that having a group run once a week gives me a nice change from my usual solo runs. Tonight I was encouraged to try shortening my stride. With most of my runs being solo runs I have not had anyone comment on my stride before. Now it will give something to work on and monitor during my runs over the next 16 weeks.