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The Science of Running: Shortening Your Stride

As previously promised, tonight is the debut of my second new feature. I plan to use this feature to have a look at some of the theories behind running and also discuss my experiences as they related to them.

Tonight I am looking at the length of your stride and how it affects running. For me this is of recent interest. During an outing at the dome a few weeks ago a couple of people I was running with suggested my running stride was long. Since then I have been working on it to see if it would have a positive impact on my running.

If you are not familiar with theory behind a shorter running stride basically the idea is that increasing your cadence (and shortening your stride) will help you run more efficiently. According to a study mentioned here shortening your stride may even reduce the risk of getting stress fractures. Here is another good article on the topic.

In terms of my own experience, I didn’t want to do anything to cause an injury or throw off my progress but I was willing to give it a try if there was a possibility the change could help me run more efficiently over a marathon distance.

The first night I tried shortening my stride it did feel awkward at first because I was trying something new but it has been three weeks now and the change is starting to feel more natural. Of course there are still a few months to go before I get to test this theory in a marathon but so far so good!

Have you tried shortening your stride?

Mile Repeats at the Dome

Tonight was my third time out for running at the indoor track at the dome. Tonight’s workout was 5 x 1600 m (1 mile).

The plan was to get in our mile repeats in around 6:40. One thing that I have noticed about the track so far is that I can tell when I am picking up the pace and I have a hard time slowing down even if I start going faster than my intended pace.

We ended up doing our mile repeats at about our intended pace with most being right around 6:40 per mile and a couple of them slipping below 6:35 per mile.

I think that was about the right pace for me tonight. It felt like we were pushing ourselves each time out but were not over-exerting ourselves as we were able to maintain a consistent pace over each of the mile repeats.

One other benefit to running at the dome is that having a group run once a week gives me a nice change from my usual solo runs. Tonight I was encouraged to try shortening my stride. With most of my runs being solo runs I have not had anyone comment on my stride before. Now it will give something to work on and monitor during my runs over the next 16 weeks.