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Marathon profile: California International Marathon

Tonight I was looking for a quick marathon to write about, one providing a good chance of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. One of the first I came across was the California International Marathon which takes place in Sacramento next month.

The course is a point to point course running starting near Folsom State Prison, well known for concerts performed by Johnny Cash, and finishing at the California State Capitol.

What helps make this course quick is that it is a net downhill course with the start line being 366 feet above sea level and the finish line being 26 feet above sea level.

As mentioned, it takes place in December so you also get more time to train in cooler weather although depending on where you live you might be training in snow and freezing temperatures by then.

Another interesting fact about this one is that the course traces an historic gold mining trail from 1849 Gold Rush.

This is probably one of those ones that I write about but will never run but who knows. Maybe it will end up on my list somewhere down the road if I am still looking to qualify for Boston. My wife and I have never been to California either.

As always, if you are looking for more information, you can read some race reviews here.

Have you run this marathon or are you considering it?