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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2015


Since this year’s Race Weekend involved more for me than just Sunday’s marathon I thought I would write another post to cover how the entire weekend went.

I started looking forward to race weekend back in November, just after returning home from spending five days in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. The organizers had decided to create a team of social media ambassadors and I was asked if I would be interested in being a member of the inaugural Team Awesome.

I already knew a few of the other members but most were new connections. It would be our role to share our journeys to Race Weekend and interact with other runners on social media. Needless to say this was a positive distraction and morale booster after spending time in the hospital.

This year Race Weekend got off to a good start on Friday. After picking up my race kit I decided to stop by city hall and check out the press conferences taking place with the elite runners. I managed to time my visit right and got to meet two of Canada’s fastest marathoners, both of whom will be aiming for their Olympic qualifying time in the fall.

Great way to kick off @ottawamarathon weekend got to meet @ericgillisericgillis and @lannimarchant #torw2015

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Next up was the President’s Reception that evening. For me it was primarily an opportunity to connect with other members of Team Awesome.

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On Saturday I also spent much of the day downtown around the start and finish areas, not sure if that is the best way to spend the day before a marathon but I did try to stay off my feet as much as I could. My cousin was in town to run the half-marathon so I connected with him and gave him a tour of the that portion of the course.

Following that it was time for the Family 2 km race. Both of my daughters were doing this race with their aunt and grandparents so my wife and I made our way to the finish line to watch them finish. We managed to find a good spot right before the finish line and were able to watch them finish. Seeing us seemed to fire up our five year old who promptly charged ahead and finished ahead of the group.

Sunday was time for the marathon and possibly the best part of the weekend for my kids as they got to hang out in the VIP area at the finish line as they waited for me. I don’t think they knew exactly what it meant but they were excited by the VIP passes they got to wear and talked about it more than any other part of the weekend.

Busy @ottawamarathon weekend for my family and I #torw2015 #running #runottawa

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As you can see it was a very busy weekend for me and my family. It was also a very enjoyable one. Race Weekend is a great event, one I look forward to every year and this year was no exception.

Finally, fundraising for the Ottawa Hospital has become an annual part of my participation in Race Weekend. Since my father passed away three years ago I have raised funds for the neurology unit at the hospital. I am pleased to say that I managed to surpass my previous fundraising totals by raising nearly $1000 this year.