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Still Here

Although it might seem like it I have not given up on updating my blog. I am just going through a period where it has been difficult to maintain a regular running routine due to a busy schedule and sick kids at home.

According to Strava I have averaged 30 km per week over the last 4 weeks. I am still running home from work most nights of the week. However, my weekly mileage totals are about half the distance I would average in recent years.

The biggest change for me is that I have not managed a long run on Sunday in a while now. As a result, my motivation for blogging has suffered.

I am hoping that writing a new post today will help get me back into my regular routine. That my prove to be difficult. As you can see from the picture above we are experiencing a bit of a cold snap here right now.

Despite the cold weather I am looking to end the year on a high note both in terms of running in a regular basis and getting back to blogging.

Week 1 of Training for the Boston Marathon

My first week of training for the Boston Marathon is in the books. It still feels weird to say it but my running schedule is now officially focused on getting ready for Boston. The week did not go exactly as I had planned but my training cycle is only just getting started. 

I started off the week with a run in the snow…

As per my previous training cycle my plan this time around is to work in tempo runs on Tuesdays and speed work on Thursdays. This week on Tuesday I fit in some tempo work with a run home from work consisting of a 3 km warm up, 5 km at marathon pace and 1 km cool down. 

Unfortunately I had to skip my speed work on Thursday because I was not feeling well. Fortunately I was felling well enough to get back to running on Friday so I only had to skip one day. I probably could have gone for a run Thursday too but it would have been counterproductive.

Yesterday I went for what ended up being my long run of the week. I got in just under 14 km of running and I snapped a few pictures for the latest #Runchat #RunChatHunt along the way including this one… 

For week one I ended up with 42 km (26 miles). Not exactly what I was aiming for as mentioned I am just getting started. I am aiming for a bigger week 2 starting with a run home from work tomorrow. 

Crowdsourcing a Training Plan

Since I’m not planning to run any more races this fall and my formal training for Boston doesn’t start until December – I now find myself without a goal to focus on for two months. 

I plan to keep running regularly because A) I enjoy it and B) it keeps me active. But I’m not quite sure what to do with myself over the next two months. Do I just run based on how I feel each day or do I try and keep it interesting by adding other elements such as speed work hill repeats?

I really don’t know what the answer is here. I want to keep running but I do not have a goal to focus on and that is what usually keeps me going. What I need now is some assistance to guide me in my approach to these next two months – so I’m hoping to crowdsource a few options. 

Drop in and leave a comment to let me know what you would do with a 2 month break. 

Beer Mile

Tonight I ran a beer mile for the second time. For those of you not familiar with the idea of a beer mile it involves running four laps of a 400m track and consuming a beer before each lap with a penalty lap added if you get sick. You can view the full rules here

Last year I ran the mile in 14:03. Once again this year we chose the same track as our venue…

This year the beer of choice was Rickard’s Red after Coors Light was not a popular choice last week…

I managed to improve on my time this year with a 13:19 finish. I am not sure what I did differently this year but whatever it was it seemed to work. It is certainly not a great time compared to times others have accomplished but I am not sure what I could have done to improve my time more than I did. 

This was the scene after we all finished the mile (I should point out that all cans were picked up after I took this picture and no waste as left on the track).

Race Report: MEC 30 km Trail Race


Yesterday I did my latest race of the year. For a change of scenery I signed myself up for a trail race. It was my third trail race since I started running. The previous two races took place at the same location as yesterday’s race. The location was a ski hill about 15-20 minutes from here. 

My previous two races were 12 km races. Having not done much trail running in the past I was not sure what to expect in terms of a result. One thing that was apparent is that the weather would like lay have an impact because It has been hot and humid here lately and thunderstorms were in the forecast for yesterday. 

When I woke up to get ready for the race it was raining. Fortunately that was the last thunderstorm of the day but it meant that there would be mud and puddles along the trails to try and avoid. I probably made my biggest mistake off the start by pushing harder than I should have given the hills to climb along the course.

The toughest part of the race came just after the halfway point when we dropped over 100min altitude. Once we got to the bottom of the hill we had to start climbing again. The climb was more of a series of hills as every time I thought I was close to the top another incline would come into view as reached what I thought was the top. Climbing the hill involved more walking than running because I was feeling the effects of the heat and the run itself.

I managed to finish in 3:13. By comparison, when I ran Around the Bay two years ago I completed the same distance in 2:14. Although I still prefer road racing I am pleased I tried the race. It was a great change scenery from my usual routine. If I have the opportunity I will probably try another trail race again at some point. 

Week 18 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon



Since race day is Sunday I decided to move this post up a few days in order to give a final overview of my training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. My training is now complete and I am ready to tackle marathon number 13, my 7th consecutive year here in Ottawa.

This week was not so much about training. It was more about staying healthy and staying disciplined with my diet. I think I was succesful on both fronts. At this point I am really starting to get anxious for Sunday morning.

In terms of running this week the only run really worth mentioning was Tuesday night’s tempo effort. It was my last run at a faster pace scheduled before the marathon. I ended up with a 13 km run that consisted of a 2.8 km warm up, 7 strides, 30:00 at 4:17/km and ending with a cool down.

I’ll go for a very easy 15-20 minute run Saturday morning to shake out my legs but for all intents and purposes my final training run was tonight’s easy effort. It was a perfect evening for a run…

Last training run before @ottawamarathon an easy 8.9 km run across the experimental farm #torw2015 #running

A photo posted by Patrick Girard (@pat42.2) on

Tomorrow I will head to the race expo to pick up my kit and take a look for deals although there isn’t really any gear I need. Other than that my plan for the weekend is to try and stay off my feet as much as possible in order to be prepared for Sunday morning.

How was your week?