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Running Without a Plan Again

Now that the Ottawa Marathon has passed and my next planned events are not until September and October I find myself running without a plan once again. As mentioned on Tuesday, I registered for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon which takes place in October meaning the end of June would leave me with 16 weeks to start a dedicated training cycle for that event.

Until then I don’t have a set plan. I think the main thing for the next few weeks until I start another 16 week training cycle will be just to get myself out running regularly. If I can manage to maintain an average of 60-70 km over those weeks I will be happy. That should be an easy target to hit with a longer run on Sundays and runs home from work four times a week.

I managed to get in my first run today since Sunday’s marathon. Well actually it ended up be two runs at an easy pace since I ran at lunch with co-workers and I ended up running home. The two runs combined left me with a total of 15 km today. Although I felt good I had a slight reminder that I ran a marathon on Sunday from my quads anytime I started to pick-up my pace.

I’ll take it easy for my next few runs still but by next week I should be able to start working in some harder workouts like marathon pace runs and hill workouts although for now I will probably just fit those in occasionally when I feel like pushing the pace instead of having them regularly scheduled.

How soon do you like to get back to regular training after a big race? 

Last Week of Running Without a Plan

This week represents my last week of running without a plan. Monday I will be starting my 16 week training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon.

I have managed to continue a regular running schedule since the Ottawa Marathon in May. It was not long before my weekly mileage was back up to 40 and 50 km per week. Last week I brought that back up to 60 km and will likely hit that again this week.

While I am pleased that I have been able to maintain a regular schedule, running with a specific focus as of Monday will once again make it easier to throw in more difficult training sessions like hill workouts, tempo runs and speed intervals on a regular basis.

Since I had some success with Bart Yasso’s 16 week training plan for hard-core runners, and since I enjoyed the variety of speedwork sessions his plan calls for, I am planning on using this plan again to prepare for Philadelphia.

While Philadelphia is not my only race on the horizon, I will be doing a trail race next month and am pacing a half-marathon in September, as of Monday all of my training will be geared toward getting ready for Philadelphia and taking another shot at a Boston qualifying time.

While I did enjoy being able to run for the sake of running since May part of me will be pleased to going back to focusing my training on a specific goal.

Do you enjoy running without a plan or do you find you need a goal to focus on?

Running Without a Plan, For Now…

As previously mentioned, my next marathon will be the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20. Most of my upcoming training over the summer months will be geared toward getting ready for that race.

Since I had some success with Bart Yasso’s 16 week training plan for hard-core runners, and since I enjoyed the variety of speedwork sessions his plan calls for, I am planning on using this plan again to prepare for Philly.

I just entered my scheduled runs into Google Calendar tonight and 16 weeks before Philly and I will be starting my marathon training program the last week of July. This leaves me with approximately a month and a half of running without a plan. 

The next race I am actually scheduled to run is the Perth Kilt Run on July 2.  Since this one is just an 8 km race I won’t run a specific training plan for it. I plan on continuing my regular schedule of running 6 days per week with at least one tempo run mixed in and a long run on Sundays with the distance depending on how I feel and how much time I have to devote to a longer run that day.

My plan is to continue that routine to keep myself going until I start my training plan to get myself ready for Philly.

Do you ever find yourself running without a plan? How do you keep yourself motivated to keep going?