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Back to Running

If you’ve read this blog recently you’ll know that my wife and I were expecting our second child. That moment finally arrived Wednesday morning. As you can imagine the last couple of days have been quite busy and running was the last thing on my mind.

since this blog is about running I am happy to report that I had an opportunity to go for my first run since the arrival of our new daughter. This morning I loaded my other daughter into the Chariot and headed out for an easy 7.5 km run.

Since buying it a few years ago my older daughter and I have logged many miles and gone on many adventures with the Chariot during my weekend runs while I was training for a marathon. It was one of the best investments we made after she was born.

With two children there may now be a need to replace our single stroller with a double one. That is provided of course that my younger daughter enjoys riding in it as much as her older sister.

I am fortunate that I will continue to be able to get in most of my weekday runs on my way home from work. longer runs over the weekend may prove to be a more difficult option to fit in on the weekends. 

So far it has been a fun ride sharing my training with my oldest daughter and I hope I will be able to share as many miles and adventures with my new daughter.

Plan for the Rest of the Year

With just over two months left in the year I really only have one goal left in terms of running, staying health. Since I won’t be running anymore races this year and since I won’t be able to match last year’s mileage what I am aiming for is to get back to a regular routine while avoiding injury.

Since returning to running late last week I have managed to get out for four runs. All of those runs were run at an easy pace. I plan to keep up with the easy pace for the rest of the week. Starting next week I will start to bring tempo runs and hills back into the mix. Speed intervals at the indoor track will follow in December.

That said, with a new addition set to join our family over the next couple of week my running schedule in November will  be irregular because I will be busier with more important matters. for now I can only hope that by the time our second child is old enough bring along it will enjoy riding in the Chariot as much as our 3 year-old does!

That’s how I plan to close out 2012. Once January rolls around I will aim to get back to a specific training program to get ready for a spring race.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?