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Unexpected Long Run

My plan for today was to get in a 10-12 km run. However, my plan changed very early this morningand it worked for the better. What I ended up with was a long run and after three days of not running it was exactly what I needed.

At some point between 5:00-6:00 this morning my youngest daughter (1) decided that it was time to get up. Eventually it became apparent that there was not anything we could do to get her back to sleep. 

My wife came up with the idea that I should take for a run. Initially I thought it was a silly idea but then realized that I was not going to get back to sleep soon either and that if I did not go this morning it would be tougher to go later in the day because I would be exhausted from the early wake up call.

I quickly got ready for a run and loaded my daughter into the Chariot and headed out. Since I had the day off from work today I had the benefit of not having to worry about being on a deadline. My goal quickly became an 18-20 km run and I ended up with an 18.8 km run.

While my day did not get off to an ideal start a change in plans it worked out for the better in this case. I managed more mileage than expected and my daughter managed to get back to sleep over the course of our run.

Running with a Stroller


Roughly six years ago my wife and I purchased a Chariot stroller so I could run with our oldest daughter. I did not realize at the time how big a role the stroller would play in my running.

One of the things I regret is not keeping track of the mileage I have put on it since I started running with my kids. I’ve surprised myself by how far I’ve gone with it (30+ km runs) and how much my two girls have tolerated it.

It has been a great way to spend time with my two girls on the weekends and also a great way to share something I enjoy with them while seeing the sites around our city. I’ve shared many adventures with both of them.

It has also been a big reason why I have been able to continue to train for marathons with young kids at home. Anyone who has run a marathon before will agree that it is a big time commitment. If I did not have the option to take one of my kids out for a run with me I would have had to do more runs late at night or sacrifice more runs.

With my two girls now 6 and 3 I thought my time running with the stroller was coming to an end. My oldest is getting big to push around on my weekend runs and my youngest is not far behind. I thought this spring/summer would likely be the end of my running with the Chariot since my youngest will likely be too big to push around on long runs by the time next spring rolls around.

I’m happy to report that my adventures with the Chariot will continue for a while yet. My wife and I are expecting #3 this summer. I just hope the new arrival will enjoy joining me for tours of the city in the Chariot as much as her older sisters did.

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It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week.

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Week 14 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Race day is now less than one month away. My plan for this week was to continue my progress and put in another big week of training. I managed to finish the week with 104 km done. That makes three consecutive weeks of at least 100 km. For me that is a first and certainly a positive as I get closer to taper time.

I managed to average over 10 km per run again this week with my shortest one being a 10.2 km effort. Once again my threshold and speed workouts were by biggest efforts during the week.

Tuesday night’s threshold effort involved a 3.2 km warm up, 6.4 km at 4:25/km, an easy 5:00, 10 x 100m hard/0.30 easy and a 3 km cool down. I managed to plot out my route for this run properly as I arrived at the highschool close to my house in time to do my 100m sprints on the track…

With my wife being out of town Thursday I had to push my speed workout back to Friday night. This week my workout ivolved a 32 km warm up followed by 6 x 200m hard/200m easy, 6.4 km @ 4:30/km, an easy 1:30, 6 x 200m hard/200m easy followed by a ool down of just over 3 km for a total of just over 18 km done.

Unfortunately I was not able to make use of a track for my 200m sprints when I did this workout. Like I often do I ended up running it on a bike path on my way home from work with my backpack on. Fortunately it is still pretty warm here during the day and I am not having to load much in my backack so I did not really feel it.

This morning I ended off the week with my longest run with one of the kids in the Chariot. I ended up doing 35 km with my 2 year old along for the ride.

I know have 4 more weeks of running before race day. My plan is for two more weeks of solid mileage before I do a 2 week taper leading up to race day.

How did your week go?

Week 13 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Coming off my biggest week of training my plan for week 13 was a similar one in that I was aiming to surpass 100 km for the week once again. My schedule of runs for the week was very similar to what I did in week 12. I ended up with 106 km done in week 13.

Once again longer tempo and speed workouts on Tuesday and Thursday were key in helping me fit in my scheduled mileage for the week. On Tuesday evening I ended up running for 1 hour at my tempo pace following an easy warm up. My total mileage was 19 km.

Thursday night’s speed workout was a tougher one, in part because it rained most of the time I was running. This time my workout involved 200m repeats. After an easy warm up I completed 6 x 200m/200m easy, 3.2 km @ 4:51/km, another 6 sets of 200m repeats and ended with an easy cool down for a total of 21 km done.

Yesterday I took my 2 year old out with me in the Chariot for my long run. We ended up doing 31 km…

Week 14 will follow a similar pattern before I start to drop my mileage with race day only just over a month away now. That means I will do one more 30 km run this weekend. 

How was your week?

Week 10 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Last week I started building up my mileage again after taking a recovery week the week before. I managed to finish with a total of just 70 km for the week which is about what I was aiming for before I build up to a few weeks of 90-100 km weekly mileage.

Since I was coming off the Army Run when I paced the 1:35 half-marathon group I stuck to easy paced runs last week with the exception of speed work on Thursday.

The best part about the week is that the weather was perfect for each of my runs. This was the scene on Wednesday as I ran home along the Rideau Canal…

Great evening for a run home from work. 10 km done #running #Run613 #ottawa #marathontraining

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I followed that up with speed work involving 200m repeats the following evening. My workout involved a 3 km warm up followed by 4 x 200m hard / 200m easy, 10:00 @ 4:35/km, 1:30 at a very easy pace followed by another round of 200 m repeats.

I ended the week by taking my two year old for a run in the Chariot yesterday. We ended up completing 20 km and stopped to see the horses of the RCMP Musical Ride…

With week 10 out of the way there are now 8 weeks to go before the Philadelphia Marathon. In terms of my training that means a few more 30-35 km runs to go and 5 more weeks of heavy mileage.

How was your week?

Back to Running with the Chariot

Witht the nice weather here again I am back to running with the Chariot on weekends. Last Saturday my two year old and I went for a 22 km adventure. Here is what we saw along the way…

A duck in a fountain

The War Memorial


The Parliament Buildings


A statue of Rocket Richard, my dad’s favourite hockey player 

And finally, the horses of the RCMP Musical Ride 

As you can see it was a pretty eventful run. Now the tough part will be to come up with other sites to see the next time we go out.

Saturday Stories


It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. 

As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below. 

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Week 13 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


Week 13 was a week of recovery after last Sunday’s half-marathon. In fact I ended up taking more rest days than I generally do. Startiung off with three in a row from Monday-Wednesday. Coming off several consecutive weeks of 80 km it certainly felt different.

As mentioned that is more time off than I would generally take but since that was what my training plan called for after the half-marathon I decided to try and see if it made a difference. With my biggest weeks in terms of mileage coming up over the next few weeks I’m sure that extra rest this week can’t hurt.

I got going again with a solid speed workout Thursday. This week’s workout involved a series of 200 m sprints. Following a 2 km warm up I fit in 12 x 200m @ 3:21/km and 200 m easy. Coming off a few days off I was surprised I did not feel as sluggish as I thought I would and it felt good to push the pace once again.

This morning was time for my weekly long run. I headed out with a couple of friends aiming for 20-25 km. To give myself even more of a workout I brought my two year along for the in the Chariot. It was my first time so far this year pushing the stroller for a run. In the end we completed 23 km to give me a total of 41 km for the week.

How did your week go?


Saturday Stories


It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

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