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Last Week of Running Without a Plan

This week represents my last week of running without a plan. Monday I will be starting my 16 week training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon.

I have managed to continue a regular running schedule since the Ottawa Marathon in May. It was not long before my weekly mileage was back up to 40 and 50 km per week. Last week I brought that back up to 60 km and will likely hit that again this week.

While I am pleased that I have been able to maintain a regular schedule, running with a specific focus as of Monday will once again make it easier to throw in more difficult training sessions like hill workouts, tempo runs and speed intervals on a regular basis.

Since I had some success with Bart Yasso’s 16 week training plan for hard-core runners, and since I enjoyed the variety of speedwork sessions his plan calls for, I am planning on using this plan again to prepare for Philadelphia.

While Philadelphia is not my only race on the horizon, I will be doing a trail race next month and am pacing a half-marathon in September, as of Monday all of my training will be geared toward getting ready for Philadelphia and taking another shot at a Boston qualifying time.

While I did enjoy being able to run for the sake of running since May part of me will be pleased to going back to focusing my training on a specific goal.

Do you enjoy running without a plan or do you find you need a goal to focus on?