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Today’s Unexpected Duathlon

Sometimes runs don’t go quite as planned. Today I had planned to do a 24 km, 15 mile, run with my daughter in her Chariot.

Since I was planning to run along the river I remembered to bring some bread so we could stop and feed ducks along the way. We found a good spot for that a few kilometers into the run. We found several ducks to feed and also had a swan come close to the shore to check out the situation…

Other than the high humidity which had me stopping to take a drink more often than I usually do, my run went according to plan until we started to get close to home. On one of my stops I noticed that my daughter had lost one of her shoes somewhere along the way.

At this point my day turned into an unexpected adventure as I took my daughter home, ending with a total of 22.3 km complete. I decided to hop on a bike and head out to retrace our route and try to find the shoe. Not knowing where it was lost I followed our route in the same direction we that we completed it this morning hoping I would find the shoe somewhere close to the start of our route.

I ended up finding her shoes at the 10 km of our route. By the time I made it back home I had completed 14.2 km on the bike.

As I mentioned, my plan for today was a 24 km run with my daughter in her Chariot. In the end I ended up running for 22.3 km and adding a 14.2 km bike ride to find a missing shoe.

Ever have any of your planned runs turn into unexpected adventures?

Becoming Tourists in our own City

When I go for my weekend runs I often end up looking for things along my route that will be of interest to my daughter as I complete my run. In essence, we become tourists in our city as plan my routes around locations or events I would not normally make a point of running by when on my own.

For example, I have written a couple of times about running to the Central Experimental Farm so my daughter could see the cows.

Yesterday our run turned into a new adventure i had not planned when we left the house. Our run began with a trip to Rideau Hall, the residence of the Governor General. As you can see below we stopped long enough so that my daughter could see the ceremonial guard and to take a couple of pictures.

Once we got back underway I realized that we had timed it right to continue the theme and head for the Changing of the Guard ceremony that takes place on Parliament Hill.

We made it there in time to catch most of the ceremony and then continued our run along the parade route back to the drill hall which allowed us to see the ceremonial guard march by again. Here are a couple of shots of them headed back down the street as they made their way to the drill hall.

Although she did not enjoy the bass drum when it first passed by her stroller my daughter enjoyed the adventure and it gave us a story to tell everyone yesterday. I am not sure yet where we will head next weekend but I am sure we will find another adventure.

Do you ever find yourself becoming a tourist in your own city when you run?







Running in the Morning

This week we have been hit with our first real stretch of hot weather with temperatures reaching 25-30. In an effort to beat the heat my plan is to start running in the morning before I go to work once again.

You may recall that I regularly ran in the morning last year when I was training for my fall marathon. However, when I started training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon I went back to running home after work.

The big adjustment I will have to get used to again is trying to get back in the habit of going to bed earlier so it is not too difficult to get up in the morning.

Yesterday was my first attempt at running in the morning again. My daughter and I were awake around 5:30 so I got ready and loaded her in the Chariot and we headed out. We made a quick stop at Starbucks to grab a muffin so she would have something to eat for the ride.

We ended up doing just over 9 km and I still had time to have breakfast and make it to work on time. So far so good for my plan to beat the heat by running in the morning!

Today was a rest day but tomorrow my plan is to run in the morning once again although if I do not get off here and get to bed shortly that may prove to be difficult.

How do you beat the heat? Do you alter your running schedule?