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Ducks to Demolitons, It’s All In a Sunday Run

Since last week was a recovery week I only had a 15 km run scheduled. The fact that building I used to work in was being imploded made it easy to pick out a route because I was curious to see how it would happen.

I had planned to take one of my daughters with me for the run but everyone was asleep as I got ready to leave the house. Knowing my oldest would be disappointed if she found out I went without her I went to see if Incould wake her and she jumped up as soon as I asked her if she still wanted to go see my old office building blown up.

Unfortunately I did not leave myself enough time to get to the site from my house before the implosion took place and I found myself running at my marathon pace to try and get there on time.  We were about 1 km away from the site when we heard the building come down. However, we continued so we could check out the aftermath.


On the way home a pair of ducks swimming in the Rideau Canal provided us with a little more excitement. As you can see, despite the rain Sunday morning was an entertaining adventure.


Week 5 of Training for The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week five of training is nearly complete. This week was the first recovery week in the schedule sent to me by my coach. As in my last training cycle I am doing four week cycles with a recovery week to end each cycle.

One thing I changed up this week was that I managed to get in two of my runs at lunch. The weather was perfect for a run both days and when i can manage to fit it in a run at lunch is a great way to break up the day at work.

Although it was a recovery week I did end up doing to speed sessions this week. The first was my Tuesday run at lunch made necessary by the fact I had tickets to a concert Tuesday night. Here was the scene as I did my workout consisting of 10 x (50 m @ 100 % followed by 100 m easy) with a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down…

My second speed session of the week was last night’s run consisting of 2 x (1 km @ 4:40/km, 1 km @ 4:20/km, 1 km @ 4:00/km, 1 km @ 3:40/km). With an extended an extended cool down to stopped and get a bag of coffee beans for my wife on the way home it ended up being my longest run of the week so far although that will change with 15 km coming up Sunday.

As mentioned I will be ending the week woth a 15 km run Sunday morning. That run could end up being a bit of an adventure. My old old office building is being demolished and since my youngest daughter is waking up early these days I plan to put her in the Chariot and head over to watch.

How was your week?

Week 4 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week four of training has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I started off the week training as per usual including running a race, had to take a couple of days off due to dental work and now and back to regular training to end the week.

The week started off with a 20 km long run at an easy pace. As is often the case for weekend runs I took one of my daughters with me in the Chariot. This run was probably the first one this year where I can say I felt the heat. This run felt tougher than it otherwise would have been.

Tuesday morning I ran a 10 km race for Canada Day, chronicled in my last post. As mentioned in that post, I came just short of my goal of setting a new pb in the 10 km.

What I did not mention in the post, because I did not know at the time, is that I actually won the race. The reason I did not mention the win is because there was initially some confusion and someone else had been credited with the win. The result was changed today and I am quite pleased with that, mainly because I get a free pair of shoes for the win!

Wednesday and Thursday were off days for me because I had a wisdom tooth removed Wednesday morning. Although the procedure went well my dentist recommended not running for a couple days.

Fortunately for me I did not have a long layoff due to the extraction of my wisdom tooth. Today I was able to get back to training for STWM. It was a perfect evening to get back to running after a couple of days off…

Tomorrow I will end the week with a 15 km run at 4:20/km, just quicker than my goal marathon pace. Overall it has been another solid week of training.

How did your week go?

Last Long Run Before the Ottawa Marathon

Since my coach has me going with a two week taper this time today was my last long run due to the fact that race day is now in two weeks. It was also one last opportunity to test my race day routine.

As per my routine I was up at 3:30 to have a breakfast consisting of a bagel with peanut butter, a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. After getting that down as quickly as I could I went back to bed for a couple of hours.

The plan for this morning was to push my youngest daughter. It was a perfect morning as we headed out to start the run…

With the Ottawa Marathon being in May some years it ends up falling in the first warm weekend of the year. The temperature got up over 20 C here today so I did get in a long run in warm weather before race day.

Since race day is only two weeks away I stuck to a slow and easy pace today. You may recall that for my other runs of 30 km and over I finished with the last 4-6 km at my goal marathon pace. Today the goal was just to complete the mileage without getting injured.

Since I was planning to be out for more than two hours I was not sure how long my daughter would last. I am pleased to say she lasted the entire 32 km that took us 2:52 to complete. Not bad for a 1.5 year-old!

She did start to get restless and I did have to make more frequent stops over the last 10 km, including stopping to see a pair of ducks wandering around downtown, but overall she was a great running partner this morning.


If you have not already done so there is still plenty of time to get entries in for the giveaway of a copy of 4:09:43 Boston Through the Eyes of the Runners.

Week 17 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


As mentioned last night, this week was a return to full training after a recovery last week. After that recovery week I was looking forward to getting back to a full week of training.

After an easy run Monday my week really got going with a tempo run Tuesday night. The tempo workout this week involved 5 minutes at an easy pace followed by 5 minutes at 4:00/km. I repeated this pattern 4 times. It sounds like a relatively easy workout but by the fourth set I was feeling it as I pushed the pace in the second half.

My second intense workout of the week involved a new workout, short hill sprints. Last night’s workout was 8 x (100 m hill @ 100% followed by an easy 100m). In order to fit it in on my way home from work yesterday I did an easy warm up on my way to a hill, did my sprints then continued on my way home. Overall it turned into an 11 km run.

After a rest day today I will finish off the week with two runs this weekend. First off will be an 8 km race pace effort following a 10 minute warm up tomorrow. Sunday I will fit in the first of my last two long runs with an easy 28 km. I am hoping the weather will be decent for that one so I can take my youngest in the Chariot.

So far it has been a productive week. I am starting to get excited about race day now that it is only just over 3 weeks away. I am looking forward to putting my training to the test. That said, I have some big training miles to go before then.

How did your week go?

Is Spring on the Way?

Now that I am writing this post the weather will probably take a turn for the worse and the extreme cold weather will return but for this weekend at least it felt like spring was on the way with above 0 temperatures the past two days. It certainly made for more pleasant runs this weekend.

Yesterday I managed to get the Chariot out for the first time this year and take my youngest daughter with me for my run. The only downside to the run was having to dodge large puddles caused by the warmer weather…


This morning was time for my long run. After watching the gold medal game in men’s hockey at the Olympics I headed out for my run. Once again the temperature was just above freezing, perfect for a 25 km run…


As I write this the weather forecast came on tv and indeed colder weather will be back this week so it looks like the spring-like weather while it lasted. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next stretch of warmer temperatures.

One More 30 + km Run to Go

I’m getting to the end of the heaviest mileage in my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Following a 32 km run this past Sunday I have one more long run to go in my training.

During my training for previous marathons I completed 3-4 runs of 30 km or more. This time around I am only scheduled to complete two of them. My first was the previously mentioned 32 km run I just completed and the second of course will be my final one this upcoming Sunday which is scheduled to be 36 km.

Although the weather was not great, cool with strong gusts of wind, my 32 km run this past Sunday went well. I ended up setting a mileage record for myself with the Chariot by pushing it for the entire 32 km. The first 20 km of that was with my youngest daughter and the final 12 km was with my 4 year old.

As mentioned, my upcoming long run is scheduled to be 36 km. I am planning to do that one Sunday morning. This run will be longer than any previous training run  have done. I think the longest previous one was 33 or 34 km. Hopefully the run will go as well as my last one. It will certainly go a long way toward having me ready for race day.

The fact that my last run of at least 30 km run is coming up is another sign that race day is getting closer. I am starting to get excited for the trip to Philadelphia!

Long Runs With a Stroller

A few years ago after our first daughter was born my wife and I decided to buy a Chariot stroller. It turned out to be one of the best purchases we made after having kids. For me has been very important to my marathon training. I am not sure how much mileage we have put on it but without it I likely would not have achieved the results I have or trained for the number of marathons I have run.

Now that our youngest daughter is old enough to ride in the stroller while I run it has become even more useful, allowing my wife and I to head out do something with one of the kids while the other one of us is with the other kid. It is a routine that has worked out well for us on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I am also fortunate that both of my girls are, for the most part, tolerant of coming along for my runs. For my long runs sometimes I will have to start early without one of them or bring the stroller home before going back out to complete another 4-5 km but I have managed to get in runs of over 20 km with both of them.

Sunday I managed to set my distance record with the Chariot. Setting out with my youngest daughter yesterday morning I started what was a planned 28 km run. I fully expected to have to return home to drop off the stroller before heading back out to finish my run. To my surprise, I was able to get in the full 28 km with the stroller.

Although she was starting to get restless over the last couple of km as we headed back home, my daughter and I completed 28 in 2:20. It certainly helped that it was a great morning for a run…


Saturday Stories


It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

A post about running and craft beer, two things I enjoy!

If you have read this blog before you’ll know running with a Chariot plays a big part in my training. Here is another post about running with a stroller.

Tips for race day pacing.


Finally, the next #runchat will take place on Twitter tomorrow night.

Sunday’s Adventure

As indicated by the title, tonight’s post was originally intended for Sunday but for reasons mentioned in last night’s post I was not able to post so here is the post I intended for Sunday.

I’ve written before about the adventures my 3 year-old and I have with the Chariot on weekends. Last summer since she was older and more aware of what was going on I started planning my routes based on things to show her – the changing of the guard ceremony on Parliament Hill, cows at the Central Experimental Farm and the horses at the RCMP stables for a few examples.

This past Sunday we found something me to check out. This time since we were running along the Rideau Canal we ended up stopping so I could show my daughter how the locks work.


We ended staying to watch two full cycles. First a bunch of paddlers going down the lock then a boat coming back up the other way. Here is a shot just before we packed up and went back on our way.


So there you have it. Not only did we go for a 16 km run, we also had a bit of an adventure which my daughter seemed to enjoy.