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My New Training Partner, Morpheus

Since it is Thursday, it is time for the next installmentof my wife’s weekly series about her efforts to get back into running. Here is the third installment:

Lately, a good night’s sleep has been elusive. Between a demanding full time job and a 23 month old who lately wants to party at 1am and then get up at 5am, 8 hours is a pipe dream around here. And yet, it pretty clear from research out there that sleep is really important if you’re trying to maintain healthy eating habits, keep up your motivation and perform your best at endurance events. I know that it’s easier not to give in to cravings for those salty or sweet treats on days that I have a good night sleep, plus my mood is much better those days when I’ve managed to get 7-8 hours the night before.

So in addition to my race goals, I’m setting a sleep goal:

In bed by 10pm, lights out by 11pm. School nights and weekends.

How about you? Do you get enough sleep?How does a good nights sleep impact your training?