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Plan for the Rest of January

With no races scheduled for this month and my 16 marathon training program only scheduled to start early next month I have been running without a plan so far in January. Essentially my focus for this month has been to continue running regularly.

So far I have managed to do just that. So far this month I have completed nearly 112 km, or 69 miles. With 14 days remaining in January I only need 89 km, 55 miles, to pass 200 km, 124 miles, for the month.

Beyond that, if I average just under 10 km per day I will hit 250 km, 155 miles, for the month. I think that is a pretty good total for a month in which I was running without a plan. With that it looks like I just gave myself my first goal for January.

In addition to my monthly mileage total, I thought of a couple more goals for myself in January. Sunday I wrote about my first session of speed intervals on an indoor track. I plan on going again Thursday evening. My goal will be to get to the track at least one other time this month.

My other goal involves my longer runs. Since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in November I think my longest run has been 16 km, 10 miles. My final goal for the month will be to get in at least one 21 km, 13 run. The reason for that distance is simple, it is the distance of a half-marathon.

What goals have you set for yourself this month?