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Saturday Stories

It’s time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week.
Here are this week’s stories…
A post about being a running dad.

A post about one runner’s passion for running.

Finally, recaps from the Canadian men who ran the Olympic marathon – Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis.

Back to Running


It’s been a little over a week since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon. I had planned to get out for an easier run a couple of days earlier but had to wait until yesterday to get out for my first run since the marathon. I’m sure the extra couple days of rest did not hurt at all.

Now I am slowly going to ease back into my routine. I was tempted to want to run another race this month just for something to do but options are limited here at this time of year. Instead I am going to try and go on a bit of a streak and run every day in December. It will give me something to aim for as 2015 comes to an end.

As previously mentioned on here, I will be running the Ottawa Marathon again in May. In order to get ready for that I will get back to a structured training routine in mid to late January. That will include at least two 10 km races and a half-marathon leading up to May.

Until I get back to a structured routine I will probably run based on how I feel. I’ll throw in some tempo runs when I feel like it and probably get in a couple workouts at the indoor track before then. However, I’m going to try and not obsess over my mileage or pace until the time comes to start another marathon training cycle.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015 and the start of 2016?

Putting an End to my Layoff from Running

This week was a bit of an exception for me. Normally I will run 5-6 times a week even when I am not in a training cycle for a marathon. I tried keeping up with that over the holiday period but that was not possible this past week. For the first time in a long time I went 4 consecutive days without a run.

A combination of a planned day off on Tuesday, the dome being closed to the public on Thursday and forgetting a running jacket Friday combined to produce the 4 day layoff. Given that I am not in a training cycle right now and that I have still been keeping with some of the strength and flexibility exercises my coach assigned me during my last training cycle it is not that big of a deal overall but I was still relieved when I got out for 10 km last night to put an end to the layoff.

In addition to last night’s run I managed to fit in5 km tonight as the freezing rain was starting. I am put an end to my layoff with what will hopefully be a string of consecutive running days. That should not be too difficult since I am meeting with my coach tomorrow night for the start of my training program for the Ottawa Marathon in May.

How long was your most recent layoff from running? Do you keep up with other exercises when you are not running?

Saturday Stories

It’s Saturday, time for another round of Saturday Stories a collection of some of my favourite articles and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across something this week you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Do you have a running streak on the go? If so, what is it?

For those of you who managed to qualify, don’t forget that registration for the Boston Marathon opens Monday.

I haven’t been for my run yet today, number 9 from this post might be stuck in my head when I do.

Need some tips to help prepare for race day?

Need tips on running with a dog?

Finally, the next #runchat takes places tomorrow night on Twitter.

Saturday Stories

It’s Saturday and that means it is time for another series of some of my favourite articles and blog posts from this past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Some advice on how deal with difficult moments in your training.

Contrary to popular belief, running on soft ground might not be safer than running on asphalt.

This is just impressive, this guy has not taken a break from running sinc 1971. What is your longest streak?

I bought a pair of race flats this year. Do you own a pair? Here are the top 10 reasons to own a pair.

Did you know honey can have benefits for running? 

As if an ultramarathon is not tough enough, this guy completed one with his jaw wired shut.