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2013 Races

The end of the year means it is time to start looking at the calendar in order to figure out what races I want to in order to help achieve my goals in 2013. I took care of that over the past few days and figured out my plans for the first half of the year.

If you have followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that my mission is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. As such, my training plans for the year arto planned to give me the best opportunity to do just that. My current qualifying time if or the next three years is 3:10.  Last year I pushed myself closer to that mark by breaking 3:20 with a 3:17 in May.

Race season for me will begin in March. My first race will be the Around the Bay 30 km race. This is a race that is timed right to be a tune-up race for my goal marathon. I was actually registered to do it three years ago but in the end I was unable to go. My plan for this year is to run at my goal marathon pace which would get me to the finish line in about 2:15. As an added incentive this race offers graduated finishing medals. The cutoff for a silver medal instead bronze is 2:15. That should give me an extra boost in the late stages.

My second planned race for this year is the Run for Reach half-marathon.  It is a race that I have done the last two years and is one that is convenient because it is close to home and I can run to the start line for a warm-up. The course along the Rideau Canal is also very familiar territory for me. The plan for this year is the same as last year, run at a 4:15/km pace for a finishing time just under 1:30.

This brings me to my goal marathon. The Ottawa Marathon in May. This will be my fifth year in a row running this race. Of course like last year my goal is to aim for a 3:10 finish. Last year I managed to get myself to less than 10 minutes from that goal.

What do you have planned for 2013?

Closing Out 2012

There are only six days left in 2012 now. The arrival of a new daughter a month ago and the holiday season has made it more difficult to maintain my usual running schedule. Fortunately I have been able to maintain a relatively regular routine.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in a Christmas Day run today but a few more runs in what remains of 2012 will push my monthly mileage to just over 200 km which I feel is a decent total given the arrival of my second daughter last month and the fact that I did not have any races planned following October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

So far I have managed to fit in 156 km this month. With six days to go in the month I should easily be able to fit in the 44 km needed to get me to 200 km for December and close out 2012.

With that I think I have my last goal for the year, 200 km in December. Once this month is out of the way I can start focusing on my plans for 2013. I have already started thinking of plans for 2013 and will have a post dedicated to that in the next week.

How do you plan to close out 2012?

Taking Stock

As the year winds down I am taking this time to review my current year of running and assess what I want to do next year in order to push me further toward my overall goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Since my goal remains the same that means that yes I am planning to run another marathon in 2013. I have not yet registered but my next attempt will likely come here in Ottawa in May. Now I have to assess what I accomplished this year and what remains to be done to get me to my goal.

As part of my assessment I am looking at the training plan I have used and whether that is something I need to change. I am also using this time to review what worked this year and what additions I can make to my training in order to help me achieve my goal?

My plan is to have a new plan for 2013, including goal races and training plan, ready by the end of this month so I can start 2013 focused on achieving my goal.

Are you using this time to review 2012 and assess your plans for 2013?