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See Mommy Run

This past Sunday, I ran the Army Run 5K with my sister. It was a great race, really well organized and a great course. The weather was beautiful – clear and cool.

So, how did I do? I reasonably pleased with my chip time of 36:36. It’s slightly better than what i had expected given that I didn’t get in as much training as I had hoped and planned on.

Before the baby, I was 7 seconds shy of cracking 30 min. for the 5K, and now 3 years later, I’m back up around the 36 minute mark, which is what I ran in my very first race following the Running Room Learn to Run clinic. So, while I’m back where I started, I know that I’ve done it once, so I can do it again.

So I’m shopping around now for an 8k program for Philly in November. But as well as training goals, I have some non-running goals that are part of my training plan.

1. In bed – lights out by 11

2. Eat breakfast – I often skip this meal, but it’s harder to eat right for the rest of the day if you don’t start the day off right. 

2. Take my lunch to work…packed lunches are reasonable healthy – fast food options at the office are not healty and eating crap makes it hard to feel good and be ready to run.

3. Prioritize me – It’s tough balance work and family life and still make time for training. But it’s important to prioritize me so that I am healthy, have energy and set a good example for my daughter.

Do you have any non-running training goals?

Book Review: Run Like a Mother

For my birthday, the year after our daughter was born, Patrick looked high and low for a book for me about balancing motherhood and running. It took him a while, but he finally found ‘Run like a Mother’ by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. I enjoyed this book immensely. Their advice comes from first hand knowlege and is based on their own experiences.

The first time I picked up the book, I wasn’t quite ready to get back to running…I needed the baby to start sleeping through the night first! Now that she’s been sleeping through the night for 4 months, I’ve nearly recovered from 18 months of fractured sleep. With a decent night’s sleep it’s a lot easier to feel like goin g for a run.

So over the next week, I’ll be re-reading ‘Run Like a Mother’. I enjoyed the stories, the inpiration and the conversational style of the book the first time around, and I’m sure I’ll get even more out of it this time around.

Are you a running mom? How do you balance your work, family and running lives?