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Closing Out 2012

Tonight’s 9 km run was my last run of the month meaning there is only one month left in 2012. My final run left me with just over 200 km for the month. This is a decent amount of mileage for a month when I did not have any races planned or goals set.

In terms of overall mileage for 2012, tonight’s run put me at 2759.3 km (1714.5 miles) so far in 2012. Last year I ran 3133 km. Even with a consistent a consistent December I won’t match last year’sm mileage but I will still come close to it which is not bad considering the time I missed when I sprained my ankle in September.

Looking ahead to December I once again have no set goals for the month other than to run consistently. My indoor speed intervals to help get ready for 2013 should start in December which will provide me with a little more variety in my training for now but I will close out 2012 without any pressure or plans goals.

January will be a different story when I look to plan races for 2013 but I will deal with that later. For now I will just look to keep running consistently and close out the year on a good note.