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Week 3 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. So far I have managed to fit in three runs this week. The week will end with 21 km and 8 km runs this weekend. The week got off to a slow start with me being unable to run Monday and Tuesday but it has been a solid week of training.

The return of really cold weather saw me head to the dome two nights in a row for the first time. I still prefer being able to run outside but when the windchill gets to -30C being able to run indoor at the dome is a great option to have. Without this option I likely would have had to postpone one of my runs.

Wednesday I went for a 7 km run with 8 x 40 second accelerations. Last night was time for my usual speed intervals with the workout of choice this time being 6 x 50m, 6 x 100m followed by 2 x 1 km at 3:40/km. This makes three weeks in a row I have done 50 and 100 m sprints. I find they make for a great workout and am pleased so far that my coach has me doing them.

As with my training cycle for Philadelphia, my coach also has me doing stretching/mobility and strength exercises. So far I am managing to keep up with doing each routine twice a week. As long as I continued I think this will be as beneficial to my training as the mileage I am putting in.

Next week will represent the last week of my first block of my training program meaning it will be a bit of a taper after three weeks of going hard. Following that I will start another four week block with three weeks of hard training and ending with a week of recovery.

How did your week go?

First Race of the Year

When I posted about my race plans for this year my plan was that my first race was to be the Around the Bay 30 km race in late March. Here we are two weeks into the year and I have added an earlier race to my calendar.

On Sunday I am running an indoor half-marathon. I found out about this one this past weekend and registered myself for the half-marathon shortly thereafter.

The race will take place at the dome where I go for my weekly speed intervals during the winter so I am familiar with the venue. That said this will be a very new experience for me. I generally end up doing 8-10 km when I go for speed intervals and that is with a break between intervals. This half-marathon will involve 52 3/4 laps of the track.

In addition to being unfamiliar with this distance on an indoor track the conditions could also make a difference. being indoor will make it seem more like a spring or summer run as opposed to the cool conditions I have been running in outside lately.

My plan for the race is to go out my marathon pace, about 4:30/km, and aim for a finish time of between 1:30-1:35 although as mentioned the heat could have an impact on that. In addition, having to change directions every 30 minutes may also have an impact on my pace.

In the end I am just hoping to have a good time and enjoy the fact I get to run an unexpected half-marathon this winter.

Have you ever run an indoor race?