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Winter Running

This was the scene when we woke up this morning. The weather has been cooling off here and we have already had a few flurries but there was a bit more snow on the ground this morning than I was expecting.

The fresh snow gave me my first chance to test out the trail shoes I bought in September. I initially bought them because I had to travel for work and part of that trip involved touring marshes. I picked up a pair old pair of New Balance 1110 trail running shoes at one of the local stores.

These shoes should be useful this winter for a couple of reasons. I can use them when there is fresh snow on the ground and the conditions a more slippery than usual. The other benefit is that they have a Gore-Tex lining which will definitely come in handy on days when the snow is melting an there are big piles of slush and puddles on the roads and sidewalks.

As mentioned, I had my first run in them this morning. My first impression of them was positive. Yes they obviously feel heavier and bulkier than the running shoes I am used to but it did not take long to get used to running in them and I was able to maintain my usual tempo pace in them.

Do you change your footwear for winter conditions?