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Week 3 of Training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon

Week three of training is nearly complete. Due to a family vacation to Toronto I actually ended up doing most of my runs away from home after starting off the week with my usual Sunday morning long run. I will get back to my usual routine with a run from home but for now I am typing this on the train ride home from Toronto.

The week started off with my usual long and easy paced run. This week’s mileage was 15 km and once again my youngest daughter joined me as I pushed her in the Chariot.

Following that I took Monday off as usual and this week scheduled Tuesday off because I was initially supposed to have a wisdom tooth removed Monday afternoon and we were travelling to Toronto Tuesday.

When you travel on vacation it is hard to know if you will actually be able to fit in the mileage you have scheduled. Fortunately for me things went exactly as planned this week.

It ended up being a busy trip with plenty of sightseeing with family trips to the CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, aquarium and to top it all off my four year-old and I went to a Major League Baseball games last night, her first ever and my first since my Montreal Expos moved to Washington a decade ago.

In terms of running I had three runs scheduled for the time I would be in Toronto and that is what I ended up fitting in to my schedule. The fact that I am a digital champion for this year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon helped me find others to run with in Toronto which a nice change.

On Wednesday I went for my first run in Toronto. It was actually the only run I had planned ahead of time. Jenna from Canada Running Series, the organizers if STWM, invited me to join the Tribe Fitness weekly fun run. Conveniently enough the meeting place for the run was close to our hotel. Despite the fact we had to run in heavy rain it was a great opportunity to meet Jenna as well as Heather and Ravi, two of my fellow digital champions…

Yesterday I had speed intervals on the schedule. Since we planned to spend the day at the zoo and my daughter and I were planning to attend the baseball games last night my only option was to run early while the rest of the family slept. I was out the door before 5:30 and headed toward the waterfront to get in the workout my coach scheduled for me, a 10 minute warm up followed by 10 x (100m @ 100% followed by an easy 100m) and 2 km @ 4:20/km. Unlike the night before the weather yesterday morning was perfect for a run and I found a boardwalk along the waterfront that I used for my 100m intervals…

My final run in Toronto this morning was another early one. Fortunately for me Kenny from A whole lot of soles agreed to join me so once again I had company for a run. Kenny’s blog was one of the first ones I came across when I started blogging about running and he is one of the first runners I started interacting with both via blogs and Twitter. In addition, he is a fellow STWM digital champion it was nice to finally get a chance to meet him. We were both planning an easy recovery run this morning and decided to head out along another waterfront route. Once again the weather was ideal for an early morning run along the Toronto waterfront…

That’s been my week so far. As you can tell I had a great few days in Toronto both in terms of spending time with my family and training for STWM. Tomorrow I plan to finish off the week with a 15 km run at tempo pace back in Ottawa.

How has your week gone so far?