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Week 9 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


This week ended up being my biggest week of training so far in this training cycle. Today’s long run left me with 90 km done this week. Today’s long run also put me on target for over 300 km in March.

This week was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the weather. I had a tempo run in the snow, a tough easy with ice pellets hitting me in the face and a long run today in spring weather. This was the scene after Friday’s run…

Meanwhile this was the scene today…

I mentioned that today’s long run was a 30 km effort. Since the weather was perfect today and I was running in shorts and short sleeves again it was hard not to push the pace once I got going. I ended up running a chunk of the run at close to my marathon pace.

Other than that I managed to fit in a tempo run on Tuesday and a speed workout on Friday. The tempo run was a 9.5 km effort at 4.28/km. I managed to maintain a decent pace despite the fact it was snowing.

Meanwhile my speed workout which I had initially planned to do Thursday but you can probably tell from the photo above why I moved it to Friday. My workout involved a 3 km warm up followed by 6 x 800m/2:00 easy and a 3.2 km cool down.

This was the halfway point of my training for the Ottawa Marathon. Looking ahead to April I have a half-marathon to look forward to in a couple of weeks. It is another race I have used as part of my training the last several years and one that I find to be a good test of where I am at about a month before race day.

How was your week?


Tonight’s Easy Run in the Snow

After a long run yesterday today was a short recovery effort. The total distance planned for tonight was 6 km (4 miles). As it turns out it snowed most of the afternoon and was still snowing when I left work for my run.

Here is the scene as I was running home…

With the temperature just below freezing it turned out to be a nice way to follow-up yesterday’s long run. If I was planning to run at a harder pace or run a longer distance it might have been as much fun but tonight’s run turned out to be one of those runs where it just feels good to be out running. It also felt good to get out and get the run done when it was have been easy to cancel it because of the weather.

Here’s me at the end of the run…

Do you enjoy running in the snow?

Tonight’s Run in the Snow

Unless I want to start running on a treadmill, getting used to running in the snow is a necessity for me between December and March. Since I try to avoid running on a treadmill I run in the snow four months out of the year.

For the most part the snow does not affect my running plans. Other than the odd icy patch once the roads and sidewalks have been plowed it is generally not a problem to run at my intended pace.

The only time the snow really has an impact on my running plans is on days like today when we get a heavy snowfall like we did today. Starting last night and through today we received about 15cm, or 6 inches, of snow.

With that much snow I had to get in a bit of a workout before I even contemplated running as the driveway and walkway to the house were covered in snow. Here’s the scene on our street before I started shoveling.


Now on to my run, I headed out for a short run after dinner. Although the main streets and sidewalks had been plowed by then, the side streets still had a good cover of snow meaning it was going to be a shorter than usual run.

Since it was already after 8:00 when I headed out and due to the slippery conditions I ended up doing 6 km in 33 minutes. For some reason I  always feel good at the end of a run in weather like this.

Here is a shot of me when I got home.

Do you enjoy running in the snow?

Tonight’s Run in the Snow

It’s been a couple of days since I passed last year’s mileage and for the rest of 2011 my plan is just to maintain my regular running routine of 8-10 km runs with a longer run on Sundays. I figure I can stick with this plan until I officially register and start training for May’s Ottawa Marathon.

Yes it has only been a couple of days but so far I have managed to stick with the plan. However, tonight’ conditions made my run a little more challenging. Here is a look down the street as I headed out tonight…


This was just the start of a storm expected to bring us 15 cm, or 5-6 inches, of snow by tomorrow morning. It’s great news if you are looking to go skiing but in terms of running it makes things a little more challenging.

I had intended to do a tempo run but in conditions like this you have to let your goal pace go and just focus on getting in your intended distance. I tried from the start to run at my tempo pace but by the halfway point had to slow down because I was having to work harder to try and maintain my tempo pace.

In the end I completed 8 km in 38 minutes tonight which is probably about as quick as I could have completed the distance tonight.

How do you deal with running in the snow?