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Running in Hot Weather

With some parts of Canada and the united States experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week it is a good time to take a look tips for running in hot weather.

I had my first taste of the heat wave this evening with the weather hitting 30 C and 38 C with the humidex. As a result, my plan was to take it easy and stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hyrdrated was especially important given the fact that I did not have a water bottle with me to carry during my run.

How did I do? I managed to keep it to a fairly easy pace for myself, just under 5:00/km. I also threw in a couple walk breaks when I got going faster than I wanted to since there was no need to try and be a hero tonight. I wasn’t out to set a pb. I ended up getting in 9.9 km in 50 minutes tonight.

Speaking of water, if you are running with water pouring water over your head every now and then can help keep you cool. Part of my strategy to deal with the heat during last month’s Ottawa Marathon was to  pour water over my head at many of the water stations. It seemed to help as I was still cool at the end of the race.

Need more tips on running in hot weather? Check out these helpful articles from Canadian Running Magazine and Runner’s World.

1 Week Until the Ottawa Marathon

Today was officially my last long run before next Sunday’s Ottawa Marathon, although compared to the distances I ran the last several Sundays It wasn’t really a long run. Today’s plan called for 19-20 km.

The forecast was calling for a hot day all week and a late start this morning meant it was already well into the 20’s by the time I packed up my daughter in her Chariot and we left the house for the run.

Given the heat and the fact that the marathon is only one week away I decided to keep a very easy pace. Anytime I noticed my pace getting under 5:00/km I would slow down or stop to take a drink and make sure my training partner was fine.

In the end due to the heat I decided to head home earlier than planned. I ended up with a total of 17.5 km. I think was close enough to my intended mileage for the run and it just was not worth push any harder with race day so close.

Now I can only hope the conditions will not be quite as hot next week although if they are the one bonus is that the marathon starts at 7:00 meaning we should at least see cool conditions for the start.

As per my habit from the past few Sundays, I enjoyed a cold beer as part of my “recovery” from the run. Today’s selection was a Festivale from Beau’s Brewing Company, a father/son venture that has developed quite a following in these parts.

The Past Week in Review

Going into last week my main goal was to get in my weekday runs before work due to the heat wave we were expected to receive last week. I ended up being mostly succesful in achieving thaat goal.

I was able to get up early and head for my runs early in the morning Tuesday – Thursday. Friday I was just too tired to get up for an early run and ended up settling for a short run after work.

My total mileage for the week was just over 60 km which represents my biggest week since the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. Since then I had been averaging about 50 km most weeks.

With this morning’s 20.5 km run with the Chariot I should be on my way to at least matching last week’s mileage and as I officially start my training for the Philadelphia Marathon this week I think that leaves me with a good base and in a good position to start working toward my goal of improving on my time of 3:23 in this year,s Ottawa Marathon and hopefully a step closer to my eventual goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

How did you handle the heat last week?

First Early Run of the Week

As mentioned yesterday, my plan was to run early in the morning this week in order to deal with the heat wave we are experiencing here.

So far I am sticking to the plan. This morning my alarm went off at 5:00 and I was out the door around 5:15. I planned on doing about 10 km and ended up with just over 8 km in 41 minutes.

The decision to run also brought some added benefits that I had not initially counted on – more time to spend with my daughter, more time to have breakfast, more time to make lunch for the day and being able to get out the door on time without having to rush.

Since it was my first early morning run in a long time it was not easy to get up at first and I was tempted to stay in bed but now that I have completed my first early morning run of the week the rest should come easier.

I am not sure whether I will try and fit in any longer runs or any tempo runs the rest of the week, that will depend on the conditions and how I feel. One thing is for sure, with an anticipated high of 37 C or 98 Fahrenheit Thursday I will definitely be taking it easy for that run.

Running Through the Heat Wave

We have been experiencing a heat wave here for the past couple of days with temperatures getting above 30 Celsius. Yesterday it got up to 34, or 93 Fahrenheit. It felt even hotter than if you count the humidex. By the looks of it we are in for similar temperatures the rest of the week.

Yesterday morning I got my first taste of the heat wave when I headed out for a run around 9:30 and it was already 27. I ended up doing 19 km in 1:37 but I made sure to have enough fluids to keep myself hydrated and I took walk breaks in order to keep myself from pushing too hard.

One bonus that I had going yesterday was that my plan involved running to my in-laws who have a backyard swimming pool. You can likely imagine what I did as soon as I finished my run.

As I already mentioned, the rest of the week looks like it will bring more of the same in terms of weather. This means having to adjust my running plans as it will still be quite hot after work.

Starting tomorrow I am planning to get up and head for my runs at 5:00 which will still leave me with enough time to get ready and head out the door on-time for work.

Have you adjusted your running plans to the heat wave?

Marathon Profile: Petra Marathon

Tonight I am profiling a marathon from a part of the world I would not have thought of checking for a marathon until I came across this one. The profile is of the Petra Marathon in Jordan.

If the site looks familiar you may recall it from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The race itself starts off in the ancient city of Petra. It sounds like a really challenging course as half the race is run on asphalt while the other half is run on gravel. There are also steep ascents and descents to deal with.

As you can imagine, given the location, heat is also a factor. Also not surprisingly, there is very little shade along the course. For this reason the race starts early in the morning.

Unfortunately I could not find any race reviews this time because this one appears to be a relatively new race.

If you have run it or plan to please post your thoughts.

Perth Kilt Run

Last year I missed the kilt race but made sure to register on time this year. I wasn’t sure what expect given the heat – it had not cooled down much by the time we started at 6:00 meaning the temperature was still close to 30 – and the fact that I have never run in a kilt, or worn one for that matter.

I started off pretty quick, trying to get ahead of the crowd so I could run at my own pace. In doing so I thought I started off too quickly but I felt good and kept going at what seemed like a fairly steady pace.

The course looped through town for 3 – 4 km then directed us on to the golf course where we followed the golf cart path for another 3 km. There weren’t any big hills on the course but it seemed like there were a lot of rolling hills.

According to my Garmin I finished in 33:44. Turns out that was good enough for 21st overall and 5/110 in my age group.

There was not much of a break from the heat along the course so the heat was starting to get to me toward the end. In terms of running in a kilt, I could feel it kind of bouncing up and down on my waist as I ran for the first 2 km but did not really notice it after that.

I’ll post a picture of me at the race later when I have time.

Running in the Heat

We have had a slow start to summer here so far but now we are finally seeing warmer temperatures during the day. While hotter temperatures are certainly welcome it does mean making adjustments to running schedules.

In terms of my running schedule, for now I am continuing to run home from work in the evenings. Last year when it got hotter I completed most of my runs early in the morning before heading to work as a way to beat the heat. In order to have time to get in an 8-10 km run I would have to leave the house around 5:30-6:00. With a toddler at home who currently gets up around 5:00-5:30 heading for an early morning run during the week is a little more difficult right now.

One solution for me would be to be a little organized the night before by preparing my lunch for the next day, getting my running clothes out for the morning and heading to bed earlier so I can just head out for a run with my daughter in her Chariot in the morning.

For now I will probably continue to run home from work in the evenings but if we do start to see even hotter days I will try to get myself organized to start running early in the morning again.

Running in the heat also brings up the issue of proper hydration. You can check out this post for tips on proper hydration when running in the heat. I generally do not bring anything to drink with me unless I am headed out for more than 20 km but on really hot days I make sure to always bring something with me to be on the safe side.

What changes do you make to your running routine when the weather gets hotter?