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Fall Running

This time of year might just be my favourite time of year to run outside. The reason? Nights like tonight. The weather was perfect for a run home from work. Don’t get me wrong, I still very enjoy running at other times of the year but conditions like tonight’s conditions made my run even more enjoyable.

The days are getting noticeably shorter now but the sun was still shining when I left the office. It has also started to cool off here but it is still usually warm enough to run in shorts and short sleeves. Finally, the leaves have changed colour, adding to the scenery on my way home.

Of course now that we are halfway through the fall it won’t be long before I will be running in the dark and I have to start wearing extra layers to keep warm during my runs. For now I will enjoy this type of weather while it lasts.

Running in Cooler Weather

The weather we have had over the past week or so has served as a reminder that cooler weather is here to stay now. If tonight was any indication, my short sleeve shirts and shorts might have to  go away until the spring. It was my first run in a while where I wished I had a pair of pants to run in instead of the shorts I brought with me.

In a way it is a shame because September and October can often provide some of the better weather to run in here as we often still get many warm and sunny days where even though it is cooler than the summer months it is still comfortable to run in shorts and short sleeves. I certainly can’t complain this year as that was the case in September and for most of October this year.

While it does mean having to wear more layers to stay warm the cooler weather does not really change my running habits overall. I will still be running at he crack of dawn or in the evening after work. For me the only weather conditions that postpone are heavy rain or snowfall and extreme cold.

Does the cooler weather alter your running habits? What is your favourite time of year to run?