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Running at Night

If you have read my blog for any period of time you will have noticed that most of my running is done early in the morning or in the evening as I run home from work. Running at these times of day have become my preference for different reasons.

If I can get in the habit of heading to bed earlier, getting up early and getting in a run before work is a great way to start the day. It leaves me feeling more energetic as I head to work and I don’t have to worry about staying motivated for a run later in the day or having to change my plans because I was stuck late at work.

Alternatively, my other preferred option is to run home from work. The benefit of this is that I can fit in an 8-10 km run without really disrupting my day as the run home gets me home almost as quick as taking the bus home.

Running later at night after my daughter has gone to bed is not my preferred time to run for a couple of reasons. I usually end up running on a full stomach because I had a big meal not long before my run and it is often hard to stay motivated when you are tired after getting home from a full day of work.

For various reasons, my last 3-4 runs have all been completed later at night. I am not planning to make this a regular habit but it just turns out that it was the best time for me to run on the days.

What is your preferred time of day to run?