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Week 12 of Training for the Scotiabank Otawa Marathon

With 6 weeks to go this week was my biggest week of training so far. It was my first week of over 100 km with a total of 102 km done this week.

Coming off last weekend’s half-marathon most of this week’s runs were done at an easy pace. Thursday’s speed work was my only workout that did not come at an easy pace.

My speed workout involved a 3.2 km warm up, 6 x 200m/200m easy, 3.2 km @ 4:30/km, 6 x 200m/200m easy followed by a cool down. It was actually my second run of the day following an easy run at lunch, a necessity in some days in order for me to be able to run 90-100 km weeks.

The bigger news this week was that spring seems to finally be here. Last week ago I was still running in snow..

Meanwhile this week looked like this..

and this..

This week’s weather was much more appealing to run in. If it continues this way it will certainly help keep me motivated through a few more weeks of heavy mileage and tough workouts.

How was your week?


Snow Day


There isn’t much that stops me from going for a scheduled run but a record snowfall did today. The fact that we received a big dump of snow today wasn’t a surprise, meteorologists had been warning about it and I woke up expecting to hear that my daughter’s school bus was cancelled.

Despite that I packed my running gear as usual, hoping the sidewalks would be ploughed by the time I left work. Unfortunately there was too much snow, 49cm (19 inches) a record one day snowfall here. Since the sidewalks were a mess I opted to take the bus home and save my run for another day.

Unfortunately what would normally be a 40-45 minute commute turned into a 3.5 hour commute that at times left me wishing I had decided to attempt my run. Not running was probably the right choice but waiting an hour for my first bus and then having my second bus which would normally take 5-10 minutes to get me home turn into a ride of over an hour made for a frustrating end to the day.

On a positive note, the shovelling I did tonight has to count for some cross training!




It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Some tips for running in the snow.

Tips on how to change your running plans when needed.

Finally, if you saw stories this week about a study suggesting strenuous running was dangerous you can read good critiques of that study here and here.

Winter Running

After some unusually warm weather here in November and into the start of December it looks like winter weather is finally on the way. Although it is still a little warmer than it is at this time of year the temperatures have cooled off and we even have a bit of snow on the ground, although it is barely noticeable.

Winter weather does not really alter my running plans. Sure if we get a big dump of snow and the sidewalks are covered in snow I will postpone a run but if the temperature drops I just put on an extra layer and still go for my run.

Since I often run home from work with my work clothes in my backpack the biggest impact winter running has on my running is probably something most people don’t think of or have to deal with when running in the winter.

For me the biggest change when I run in the winter involves the loads I have to carry in my backpack. During the spring and the fall I don’t really notice my backpack because I only have a thin jacket along with my work clothes. When winter rolls around and I have to add my winter jacket and occasionally a pair of boots it adds more bulk and weight to my backpack.

Here’s my backpack tonight, weighing in at almost 12 pounds…

 How does winter weather change your running habits?

This Morning’s in the Slush and Snow

Yesterday it almost felt like spring was on the way here as it rained all day and the temperature was above 0 all day. However, with freezing temperatures and snowfall in the forecast overnight that would be short lived.

I expected the conditions to be messy when I headed out for my run this morning and I was not wrong as many of the roads and sidewalks had yet to be plowed and instead were covered in snow and puddles of slush.

Here is an example of the puddles I faced along my run this morning. It’s no wonder both of my feet were soaked after about 5-6 km!

Here is another example of the conditions this morning.

Finally here is what my shoes looked like when I got back home.

Fortunately I only had 16 km on the schedule today instead of the 24 km on the schedule for last Sunday and next Sunday. I am not sure if I would have been able to go much further as the conditions made it feel like had run more than 16 km already!