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Rain Delay

Tonight’s plan called for an evening of speed work. The plan was to do mile repeats at the high school track close to my house. Unfortunately, an afternoon and evening of rain left the conditions at the track less than ideal.

As a result, tonight’s run ended up being postponed so I stayed home and watched a couple of Game 7 NHL playoff games on tv. To make up for the lack of a run tonight, tomorrow will be a double-header day.

My plan is to start off the day with an easy run first thing in the morning and I’ll go for a second run in the evening. Since I am doing two runs tomorrow I’ll look to get in about 20 km overall with one run likely at an easy pace and the other being at my intended marathon pace.

How do you make up for missed runs?

Running in Thawing Conditions

Since I try to avoid running on a treadmill I have had to get used running in a variety of conditions. As long as I dress warm enough I don’t mind running in the cold and I can tolerate the rain as long as it is not a torrential downpour.

The weather I really don’t enjoy running in is when the snow starts to melt rapidly. Generally I don’t have to worry about it until March as the winter is coming to an end. However, with the temperature hitting 5 C today, 41 F, the snow was melting quickly today.

In a way it was nice to be able to run without a hat or gloves at this time of year but the patches of ice and big puddles along the sidewalks made tonight’s run less enjoyable than it could have been. I don’t think there is anything I dislike more than being out for a run and soaking my foot in a big puddle of icy water.

As a result of the warm conditions my run home tonight was spent dodging the puddles while also trying to avoid the remaining icy patches. This made it more difficult to maintain a steady pace. Fortunately I managed to make it home with my feet mainly dry as I avoided the worst of the puddles.

So far the judging by the forecast for the rest of the week freezing temperatures will return meaning I won’t have to worry about the puddles although I may have to keep an eye out for larger patches of ice.

What kind of weather conditions do you not enjoy running in?