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Perth Kilt Run

Last year I missed the kilt race but made sure to register on time this year. I wasn’t sure what expect given the heat – it had not cooled down much by the time we started at 6:00 meaning the temperature was still close to 30 – and the fact that I have never run in a kilt, or worn one for that matter.

I started off pretty quick, trying to get ahead of the crowd so I could run at my own pace. In doing so I thought I started off too quickly but I felt good and kept going at what seemed like a fairly steady pace.

The course looped through town for 3 – 4 km then directed us on to the golf course where we followed the golf cart path for another 3 km. There weren’t any big hills on the course but it seemed like there were a lot of rolling hills.

According to my Garmin I finished in 33:44. Turns out that was good enough for 21st overall and 5/110 in my age group.

There was not much of a break from the heat along the course so the heat was starting to get to me toward the end. In terms of running in a kilt, I could feel it kind of bouncing up and down on my waist as I ran for the first 2 km but did not really notice it after that.

I’ll post a picture of me at the race later when I have time.