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Running at Night

The majority of my running is done early in the morning while my family is sleeping or in the evening when I run home from work. Recently, I have been getting more accustomed to running later at night. The change is a result of my previously mentioned efforts to stay closer to home as we await the arrival of our baby and being busy with preparations for the baby’s arrival.

i wouldn’t say I’m still a big fan of the late night runs. I enjoy the early morning runs because it means you have the whole day ahead of you. I also like running home from work in the evening because the isn’t a better way to clear your after a long day at work than going for a run.

Running later at night is different. You have to stay motivated and disciplined for a longer period of time in order to get that run in. The fact that it is dark and cold can also impact discipline and motivation.

On the plus side these late night runs don’t really impact my life. My daughter is bed and the day is winding down by the time I get around to going for my run. In addition, by leaving for my run around 9:30 I am not really affecting my regular sleeping habits.

As mentioned, I still prefer the early mornings and hour following work but for now the late night runs are what works best in my schedule.

Do you have a favourite time of day to run?

Running Without a Plan Again

Now that the Ottawa Marathon has passed and my next planned events are not until September and October I find myself running without a plan once again. As mentioned on Tuesday, I registered for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon which takes place in October meaning the end of June would leave me with 16 weeks to start a dedicated training cycle for that event.

Until then I don’t have a set plan. I think the main thing for the next few weeks until I start another 16 week training cycle will be just to get myself out running regularly. If I can manage to maintain an average of 60-70 km over those weeks I will be happy. That should be an easy target to hit with a longer run on Sundays and runs home from work four times a week.

I managed to get in my first run today since Sunday’s marathon. Well actually it ended up be two runs at an easy pace since I ran at lunch with co-workers and I ended up running home. The two runs combined left me with a total of 15 km today. Although I felt good I had a slight reminder that I ran a marathon on Sunday from my quads anytime I started to pick-up my pace.

I’ll take it easy for my next few runs still but by next week I should be able to start working in some harder workouts like marathon pace runs and hill workouts although for now I will probably just fit those in occasionally when I feel like pushing the pace instead of having them regularly scheduled.

How soon do you like to get back to regular training after a big race? 

Running Home From Work Without Running Socks

If you have followed this blog for a bit you will know that I often run home from work. Fortunately it has not yet happened where I have had to cancel a run because I forgot to bring something with me when I left home in the morning.

However, I did forget to bring a pair of running socks when I packed my stuff Friday morning and did not discover the it until I was getting changed after work. The result was this, me running home in my work socks…

There you have it. I ran home in my work socks, not the first time but thankfully it has only happened on a couple of other occasions.

When I realized that I did not have a pair of running socks keeping my work socks on really was the only option as running without socks would have left me with blistered feet.

Have you ever packed your running gear only to realize you forgot something when the time came to go for your run? Have you ever run home in dress socks?