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Back to Commuting

Today was my first day back at work following the birth of my daughter nearly three weeks ago. Being back at work means that I will resuming my routine of running home from work in the evening.

Running home from work is how I fit in most of my weekday mileage. Tonight’s plan was for an easy 8-10 km run. I ended up doing just that by covering 9 km in 44 minutes. Due to freezing rain overnight and this morning the conditions were wet and slippery. Here is what the conditions looked like when I left for work this morning…

Fortunately the conditions were a little better this evening although I was glad I decided to bring my trail running shoes with me. Due to the Gore-Tex lining I managed to make it home with dry feet which would not have happened with my regular shoes.

While the late night runs were a good way to fit in runs while I was off work I prefer my evening runs home from work. Once again I will be back to commuting home from work for the majority of my weekday miles.