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Running Through the Heat Wave

We have been experiencing a heat wave here for the past couple of days with temperatures getting above 30 Celsius. Yesterday it got up to 34, or 93 Fahrenheit. It felt even hotter than if you count the humidex. By the looks of it we are in for similar temperatures the rest of the week.

Yesterday morning I got my first taste of the heat wave when I headed out for a run around 9:30 and it was already 27. I ended up doing 19 km in 1:37 but I made sure to have enough fluids to keep myself hydrated and I took walk breaks in order to keep myself from pushing too hard.

One bonus that I had going yesterday was that my plan involved running to my in-laws who have a backyard swimming pool. You can likely imagine what I did as soon as I finished my run.

As I already mentioned, the rest of the week looks like it will bring more of the same in terms of weather. This means having to adjust my running plans as it will still be quite hot after work.

Starting tomorrow I am planning to get up and head for my runs at 5:00 which will still leave me with enough time to get ready and head out the door on-time for work.

Have you adjusted your running plans to the heat wave?